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#1 [en] 

I had no issues with this yesterday (Friday, 2016-06-24)
But today (Saturday, 2016-06-24), my screen starts to flash.

It happens about once every 1/2 second in irregular frequency. Every flash is overlapping the desktop background with the game.
Sometimes it stops for up to 4 minutes.

My software:
I play in full-screen on Manjaro (A derivate of Arch Linux) 64 bit.
The game was installed with steam.
I have recently installed many system updates too, but this was Thursday (2 days ago).

I already tried:
Restarting the client.
Starting the game without steam.
Restarting the system.
Verifiying local files with the steam UI.

Nothing did help or bring any results.

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#2 [en] 

One of the system updates might of broke it. Compositing window manager might affect it.
Long shot, but you could try turning on/off vsync in game.



#3 [en] 

Thanks for the reply, but vsync does not help. I try to look at the compositing manager, but I have only little hope here.
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