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oren pyr malos

An assembly of the Patriots and inhabitants of Thesos is invited on 12h - Tria, Nivia 27, 3rd AC 2588(*) at Thesos bar.

The topic of this assembly will be sharükos' answer to the request made to him by several patriots and inhabitants to remove the decree regarding the temporary removal of the akenak position in Thesos.

sharükos pyrèkud !
Ibiphan Dynix, Thesos celiakos

(*) [OOC]Wednesday, 22 June 2016 19:00:00 UTC (3 years ago)[/OOC]

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Oren Pyr Ibiphan Dynix,

Thank you for this very informative meeting, I could see many patriots willing to be more involved in the life of the cited.

Mak i Talash
Refyia Abydeps

Pictured left, Senator Ibiphan, right standing, Azazor explaining the proposal.



Mak i Talash
Refyia Abydeps
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