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I am fairly new and I plan to reroll my toon shortly. I was wondering how effective is pure melee and whether it is useful. Reason being is I really hate magic casting or anything that is magic related in most games I play. Having tried it here for a bit I find myself only using it to pull from range if my taunt doesn't allow me to reach. I am curious how capable is it to be good at the higher ups? Will it be a waste of my time to tackle on only melee? I was thinking to still train magic for the points and put those to train my melee stats, so I can have more points left over for more important melee focused things.

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Melee is very strong in Ryzom, but I don't understand why you are considering rerolling your toon. Every character can learn Melee fight, Magic, Crafting, and Harvesting. Another thing to note- The missions on the tutorial island can be completed with whatever skill you want; you can melee all the magic missions no problem.

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My opinion is that everyone should be able to heal at least, so training magic is important. Training magic to spend points on characteristics for melee is probably not worthwhile, since the needed melee stanzas are not that hard to get training melee, but in the short run it will help a little.

As Placio says, however, there is no need to re-roll unless you want to change your appearance.


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Heal is essential if you want to succeed on Atys. Any other single skill can be trained if you really want but you must have Heal.


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While melee is strong, there are a couple of reasons to have at least some magical talent.

1) DPS - While tanking is a vital role in a team at all levels, be aware that melee DPS is low enough that you may not be able to finish off some mobs before you run out of stamina if you train solo or get swarmed. If you plan to stay strictly-melee, you'll be a bit more reliant on teammates than you would with a wider skillset. Having decent enough levels in Elemental allows you to make enchants that will greatly speed your enemy's demise on those occasions when you are not in a team, or if you just like grinding faster. And if you ever decide to master Daggers or Hand-to-hand, you will want ele enchants as they are particualrly low in DPS.

2) Heals - It's generally good to have enough healing ability to at least be able to rez those in need out-of-battle. How much that takes varies depending on who you are trying to rez, but it takes enough to rez someone with 2700-6000 HP that you'll probably want at least 80 levels of Heal just to be neighborly.

It's also worth mentioning that you'll eventually be getting more Fight skill points than you can spend. Skill points are a bit tight at lower levels, but once Fight splits a bit, you can rake Fight points in faster than you can spend them. If you use your Magic points instead of Fight points for HP, then later on you will be using low-level spells in high-level battles if you want to earn the XP requires to get more levels of Magic to buy more HP, so you may as well use a few Magic points for spells and Intelligence if you want any sort of sustainable point-farming or to have enough healing ability to be useful. And that includes sap-heals so that casters can cast their own heals and allow all parties to have all their condition bars filled.

Melee can be quite potent at higher levels, and nearly every team has at least one tank if for no reason other than to keep the casters from being eaten as they nuke/heal. But if you go melee-only then you will be handicapping yourself, your teammates, and anyone who ever needs a rez by avoiding Magic entirely since Magic helps your fighting, your teammates, and hominity at-large.

Ele helps melee, and heals help everyone, so you'll want to do at least some Magic if for no reason other than to be a tankier tank and a good Atys citizen, but being melee-focused and playing the tank role in every battle you are in works just fine.


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At the high levels of both pve and pvp (tough aggro and 2v2/SNs) healing is pretty essential. For pve your healers can get aggro and if they die they will need healing. For pvp most players will ignore you and just kill the players healing first. This is why in pvp between small groups everyone switches between damage and healing because dedicated healers just get killed all the time. Having said that you can get away with using heal enchantments other players can give to you (bit long to explain just ask someone if you are interested) and I used to do that all the time for both pve and pvp.

Also I wouldn't use fight points for anything other than magic-only skills. There are only 4 branches to magic, there are tons for melee and you will have a lot of left over points if you plan on doing different types (which if you like melee I would highly suggest and send me a tell in game if you'd like to know about the advantages/disadvantages of them).



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As others have said, you'll need to level heal, there's really no way around it. People will die, you will need to rez them. A heal of about 150 should be enough for all the basic needs (except serious pvp).

So with a 250 melee and a 150 heal you should be flexible enough to do most things in the game.


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