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hello.. i was just wondering if you guys would be needing ambient music to use in the game.. my group Head Joint have composed well over 200 ambient tracks over the years and would love to allow the use of any of the tracks for the in game soundtrack if one is going to be added.. all the tracks are under the creative commons license and are free to use.. a lot of the tracks were made as fan music for the in game media player in eve online ,but they have since removed that feature so these songs are no longer in that game. we could even compose completely new and original tracks specifically for use in Ryzom. i did find some info in the forums and that you guys were looking for some ambient works to use? anyways feel free to contact me here on the forums or in game.. here is a link to our ambient collection...cheers..

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That is great !


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Thank you Valkanisar. I will take a closer look to the proposal. The Music Team is under construcion by now, but every idea is welcomed for sure. 


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