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Hello after downloading the game for Linux and trying to run ./ it sais:

rsync: failed to connect to ( Connection refused (111)
rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(128) [Receiver=3.1.1]

Have been trying for 3 days...

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I dont know the fate of rsync server, but you can try beta clients from

There is small binary and data packages, or full client download if you prefer to get that.

Those clients are able to patch themselves, so you only need to download from there once.



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i'm having the same issue, even with the kervala client....

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i'm having the same issue, even with the kervala client....

I would say if your having the same problem the cause is different for you. Most likely issue a firewall problem. The kervala client is the one i use and ive not had that issue. Check yoru firewall settings and make sure ryzom and its ips/servers are allowed to connet. Note just because it was allowed does not mean it still is esp if you have previously patched. A patch can change the permisons as it is no longer the same application as far as windows firewalls are concerned and also some linux ones.

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I think that the rsync update method for Linux clients by the script does not exist anymore.

If you have downloaded the client from Sourceforge, best load a Kervala client over it and let it update automatically.


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yes ryzom_update doesn't work anymore: 2

Load full static client from Official Store or beta from Kervala 3.0

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Isn't there a full client for 32 linux?

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To my knowledge, there is no full client so far in 32bit. But if you have the older one downloaded already, take the latest 32bit data_static and latest (or fairly new) 32bit client_static, then unpack the data stuff into data, and the client stuff in the main ryzom directory and below (iirc there is a gamedev.bnp in the client packed file which belongs under data). Afterwards, the 32bit client should start as 3.0.0.n (of course, keep a backup before overwriting anything).

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