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Hello all,

Better than a long talk, I offer you just a few screenshots below of Level Design projects that are in development.
Take your butterfly net. Will you find and catch the yellow dragonfly in the middle of this insect swarm?
Want fresh fish? Go fishing.
Harvesting skill diversification.
Ears are ready to be cut...
Bring them to the miller and his wife. They're waiting at you in their windmil.
The current facilities are wearing out, some maintenance would hardly be a luxury.
Did you ever think at the origin of the stable's mektoubs?
Before they get there, there are the catching and training steps.
A local variation.
Will you meet the hermit?
Want to make sparks? Try your luck in the new job of pyrotechnician ... at your own risk.
Unless the fine arts interest you more: sculpture, painting, gardening ..
Looking for a rare piece to complete your collection? These happy hawkers go from one region to another for you. But will you find them?
To get your bearings in upcoming releases, I present our team of scribes to you. These charming homins tell you where to find these activities.

But Level-Design is also involved in:
Event on Silan (to come)

Player events...
Event ''Marriage of Emilie and Drelamos'' (Decoration and fireworks show)
Event ''La Firme'' (to come)

to be continued

P'tit Bill
Level-Design Team Manager [FR(/en)]

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P'tit Bill
Level-Design Team Manager [FR]

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Que de bonnes choses en cours! En tout cas ça donne envie. :)

(Après c'est un risque de dire ce qui est en cours, car les joueurs vont s'imaginer plein de truc qui n'auront rien à voir avec ce qui sera vraiment, et du coup seront déçus. Mais bon, si ça permet de garder les anciens sur le retour, le temps que ces maj arrivent réellement, pourquoi pas)


fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

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Ah du nouveaux !!
Enfin... en espèrant que la mise à jour ne soit pas faite dans 2 ans..

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Un gros bravo si ces nouveautés arrivent relativement bientôt ! :)

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Very excited! :DD

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We get sculptures made by players?
Will we be able to "sculpture" our clothing?

(I hope nobody abuses it for nazi symbols and alike)

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Cool. I just hope weapons shown in the picture 11 will not be easy to get.

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Auparavant Ki'gan, dit le Dévoreur d'Espoir. Aujourd'hui, sous couvert de troubles dissociatifs de la personnalité, il se fait appeler Vao, et dit avoir rompu avec son passé terroriste. Mais qui croire ? Le monstre ou le fou ?

Previously Ki'gan, the Devourer of Hope. Today, under the guise of dissociative personality disorders, he calls himself Vao, and says he has broken with his terrorist past. But who should we believe? The monster or the madman?
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