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Hello all;

The daily Please Wait that happens around 02:20 and 02:40 UTC is an issue the Dev Team is working on. This Please Wait is not a bug. It happens due to a backup the server does every day. During this process, the feedback between server and client can be interrupted briefly and this Please Wait happens. Dev Team has lowered the priority of the backup task to attempt to make it so that it doesn´t affect the players as much.

Dev Team is currently making some changes, the last one performed last weekend, hoping we can reduce this Please Wait or make it not affect the players at all.

We ask you all to test whether this Please Wait is getting better or if remains the same. Please reply to this post so we can read your feedback.

Thank you and we hope you have a good game on Atys!

Ryzom Team


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It has improved for me. It seems the whole Please Wait time had been reduced, and also the length of small intervals it is on.

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Virg waited, tense, alert, daggers poised. It was around this time it happened, that the gods took control. Not that they were really gods of course, he mused, just immensely powerful beings who one day, would have their throats slit by his daggers.. if they even had throats..

He closed his eyes and drew the sounds of the forest around him, slowly muting each one out, one by one, like putting out a flame, until nothing but his steady heartbeat remained. It was in this state he could best tell when the gods took control, when he seemed to freeze and life itself rushed by him. He did not know how they did it or even why they did, all he knew was it was like clockwork, in intervals that had no name. It should be happening right now. He focused.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Silence. Thud. One heartbeat. Just one. He could remember a time when it felt like whole hours flickered away, lost like leaves to the wind. What could this mean? The gods must be getting weaker, their grip over him loosening. He smiled. He would not have to wait any longer during these strange intervals. His time belonged to him.



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Je joue régulièrement dans ces heures-là, et je confirme que récemment même si les messages n'ont pas disparu, ils sont moins fréquents et surtout plus courts.

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seems like the PW's have returned :(
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