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I'd like to know if there is a way to quickly travel from one place to another? I'm still in the tutorial zone, and I think one of the NPC told me that he unlocked the possibility to fast travel from the ranger camp to the Kami near the lake.
Was that a dream?
If it's not working, is there any other way to fast travel in this game, other than willingly dying?

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You can go to the Kara guy and he will port you to the Kara outpost, near the lake. But it's a one-way travel: you'll have to walk back to the camp.

On mainland, there are teleports. And mounts (mektoubs)

#3 [en] 

If you are of a default kami race then the kami at Ranger camp will teleport you to the lake, one you completed the require Chiang missions.
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