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is there anyway to change the appearance of ur player once it's make?


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You can only change the "cosmetics" - tattoos and hairstyle/-color. There should be NPCs for this in all the main cities.

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cool that's what i want to change is there one on the beginning area?


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so i can't change my body shape like arms and legs?

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There are no cosmeticians in the beginning area, only in the city for your race. Changing appearance also costs a fair number of dappers.

If you are still in the beginning area, and haven't progressed far, I would recommend re-rolling, especially if you want substantial change in appearance.


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well my fighting and magic are lvl 51
harvesting is 56
armor is 45
weapons 36

so don't really think i'll be re-rolling...

thanks for the help^^

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Wow ... that's really, really high for the starting area (Silan).

When you get to ML, the pace of your progress will progress quickly.

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