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What is a Ranger?

First, we are not citizens and adheres to no religion.

We help all homins (all races, all religions), our unique enemies: the kittins.

Lot of us attending meetings "public" on the 4 countries. We also have our Ranger Meetings, generally in Almati.

We also trying to help the 4 Nations for communication, since we believe that the wars of the past have served only exhaust homines :)

How Rangers tp ?

We can buy the kami / kara tp in various countries / areas of Atys.

But not for PR tp (the vortex is used) for now.

To go in areas 250, a magical amber is used (one receives at the end of the Ranger training). For tp (known as Nutella), you have to go in a specific place (usually near the capital cities) and use this special magic amber.

How to become a Ranger?

We begin the ritual to Zora - next to the occupation "cartographer" (North of Zora).

The rite does not require the same prerequisites to each step ...

At first you have to have fames region = +30 and religion +20. At the end, there must be 50 everywhere.

And, to do the training you will need several tp, cause the training consist about use a q100 "special magic amber", to use in differents places on Atys.

Note: thank you to correct / add info :)


About some Ranger acronyms (cause we don't really have a language, but some specific expressions, coming from a mix of the Atys langauges) :

Here are the words that we use every day in Almati's Wood :

  • kwkw = hello
  • k = I agree, ok
  • oups = shorthand for saying: "I'm really sorry to have disturbed, please accept my apologies"
  • pf (but very often "pfffffff") = depending on the context:
    1. deflated!
    2.- deflating :)
    3.- spits out sawdust stuck in the teeth (says when one has bitten the sawdust).
  • ro (or roooo) = expresses disappointment. And sometime, surprise too ;)
  • ts (or tssss) = small call to order.
  • Nutela = Tunnel Rangers to move under the bark. Seems to be included in all dialects of Atys.
  • and kisu = Kiss that give themselves the Rangers.

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Craftjenn, Ranger

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Hi Craftjenn --

A very nice brief introduction to the Ranger way of life.

I have one minor correction about Fame.

I 'm pretty sure that it is lower than +30 x 4 nations +20 K/K to start the Pathfinder mission. It is +30 and +20 to get the third stage mission on Pathfinder. I know it is +35 in all 6 Fames to get the Cube of Precepts and the title of Ranger Aspirant.

In other words it's more complex than it appears at first, like much of Ryzom. A quick workaround is to get to +50 fame in all six areas and not to worry about it. (*smile*)

I would also encourage anyone who is interested in the Ranger faction to come to the meetings in Almati Wood.


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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J'ai tout de même une question :

Quelle sont les positions éthique, et politiques des Rangers vis à vis des Maraudeurs ?

Parce que c'est bien de dire que les Rangers aident tout le monde, mais peuvent ils aider ceux qui détestent tout le monde ?
Les Rangers sont ils prêts à se battre contre les Maraudeurs, comme contre les Ktins, qui sont une menace commune pour toute l'Hominité ?

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Djaimse --

This is a matter that has caused some debate at Ranger meetings.

Wuaoi has explicitly said that if we are fighting the kitins and the Marauders are fighting beside us that we should accept them as allies. After all, the kitins are the common enemy of both of our groups.

However, he also qualified that with 'as long as they are not attacking other homins'. No further instruction was given.

We know that we are not to interfere, except diplomatically, when there is conflict between Nations, but the Marauders are not a Nation. Every time someone has asked a version of this question to Wuaoi he has pointed us to the Precepts, and what is to be done changes with which Precept we look at.

For myself:

I will, and have, healed someone I knew as a Marauder, and I will do so no matter what the circumstances in the wilds of Atys. I have made equipment for Marauders at the same rates that I would charge another homin of any faction. I will not attack another homin (**), but if a Marauder is attacking a non-Marauder, I will heal the person attacked, if possible. My interpretations are not Ranger policy and carry no official weight.

-- Bitty

(**) That is me and my guild's policy and the wishes of Tyneetryk; it is not a Ranger policy.


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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La faction maraudeur n'est notre ennemie que s'ils nous attaquent, on a beau etre aspirant Rangers nous ne sommes pas des bisounours...enfin si...un peu quand même ;)

Jusqu'à maintenant Kiwalie a réussi à éviter les bains de sève  quant elle croisait des maraudeurs ( merci à eux pour le RP )

Nous ne prenons pas partit pour ou contre les conflits de nation et faction.

Bien entendu si l'hominité est vraiment mise en danger par les maraudeurs nous viendrons à en discuter en assemblée Rangers.

En résumé : s'ils nous attaquent on se défend, s'ils luttent avec nous contre la menaces Kitins nous combattons à leur côté. 

Et comme l'a dit Bittty, les réunions Rangers sont ouverte à tous, dans le respect des joueurs bien entendu.

Kiwa Lie

#6 [fr] 

Il y a plusieurs "métiers" chez les Rangers.

Certains sont de grands guerriers que les kitin n'effraient presque pas.

D'autres sont des scientifiques pas très aguerris mais assez fous pour partir dans les endroits les plus dangereux afin d'étudier les Kitins et plus encore.

D'autres encore sont des crafteurs-foreurs au service autant des explorateurs, des gens d'armes que des réfugiés.

Certains sont aussi des soigneurs sans frontières qui passent leur temps à guérir et sauver les autres homins avant même de leur demander quelles sont leurs origines et leurs appartenances.

Enfin, certains sont diplomates, une tâche qui ne se résume pas qu'à prendre note des assemblées, mais aussi, parfois de devenir médiateur dans des conflits ou des libérations d'otages...

Être Ranger, ce n'est pas que taper sur du kitin.


Zo'ro Argh
Chargé de recherche dans la guilde du Cercle du Bois d’Almati.
Ambassadeur des Rangers auprès des Matis.
Président de la N’ASA et fondateur de Hoodo.
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