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Daily Missions Materials Tool

This tool was developed to assist in collecting the craft and mission materials which we encounter in the course of doing Daily Missions.   We often find ourselves going do the list traversing and the re-traversing the same terrain when doing so.  If ya use two screens, file can be kept open on 2nd screen or alt tabbed to so as to avoid scrolling through Mission List repeatedly and doing the math in ya head.  Also lets you optimize your path thru a region hitting your flags north to south / east to west or whatever.

The Legends should make the usage obvious.  This tool will not likely be incorporated into the IG Bunny Tools App ... however for the 1st time, this file will be available through Rocket Chat.   Send a PM to Fyrosfreddy on Rocket Chat and the file will be sent back to you.  Log in to RC from your browser and you should be able to d/l.  This post may be edited as things change.  Here's the screen images of the Groups and Mat Specs

Mission Mats - Construction 01 - 09.jpg

Mission Mats - Construction 11 - 20.jpg
Mission Mats - Construction 21 - 30.jpg
Mission Mats - Construction 31 - 34.jpg
Mission Mats - Food  01 - 10.jpg
Mission Mats - Food  11 - 20.jpg
Mission Mats - Food  21 - 26.jpg
Mission Mats - Goo  01 - 05.jpg
Mission Mats - Insect 02 - 11.jpg
Mission Mats - Kitin  01 - 05.jpg
Mission Mats - Harmful  01 - 10.jpg
Mission Mats - Preservative  01 - 09.jpg

NOTE: As usual, please put comments, suggestions, bugs ideas etc. in this thread

Bunny Tools 3.0 - Bugs, Ideas, Feature Requests, Comments

EDIT:  If there's interest in getting any of the other SS based tools, please put request in link above.

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Minor Bug Fix today ... if anyone sees another %Amp text string in MoB Data module please send PM or report here

Bunny Tools 3.0 - Bugs, Ideas, Feature Requests, Comments

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Just an update on progress ...

Some of you were users or may remember the app called Yubo Maps which is described here:
Yubo Maps, but in light of two issues, we decided to go another way:

1. Many players have found Daily Missions (DMs)and Mission Mats (MMs) to be a more efficient source of fame, dapper and Elyps. The current emphasis on DMs and MMs has resulted in players depending more and more upon landmarks (aka flags) to quickly get to desired locations. Many NPCs wander and have as many as 8 different locations. Looking at my flags and the Bunny Fame tool it was apparent that many NPCs were not on currently available maps. And wit the importance of Mission mats as a favored source of fame, dapper and Elyps, the effort in finding and marking these was significant.

2. Another side of this is many of us have found that we haven't maintained a consistent method of labeling our Landmarks. {Post merge, concerned that they might revert back to premerge locations, I used another color to identify new ones and today I often forget which is which.

Lopy's Landmarks Editor app was great tool that allowed users to edit their files in such instances, and when that stopped functioning, organizing your Landmarks a difficult prospect.

Hence Yubo Maps was retired and Bunny Maps was born. With Bunny Maps you can import your Landmarks.xml file and edit it out of game. You can organize it by region, subregion or whatever and then export it back to your save folder.

Goal is to be able to use drop downs to drill down to find what you are looking for:

Jungle / NPC / Tribe / Title / Name


Jungle / NPC / All / Prospectors / Name

Considering being able to further feature by subregion or region level.

The view below shows all my NPC Flags. I chose citizen because the flags are white and they were easily distinguishable. Going forward, I will edit these in 2 categories for tribe or citizen.    Here I am displaying all wandering NPCs as no real point in displaying the ones that never leave camp.  Mousing over the icon will display Name, Title and Affiliation.

Database Structure

If you are interested in assisting in data collection of confirmation plaase send a IG Mail or PM to Fyrosfreddy.

NOTE: As usual, if you have comments, suggestions, bugs ideas etc. in this thread

Bunny Tools 3.0 - Bugs, Ideas, Feature Requests, Comments

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Bunny Tools Landmarks Editor / XML File Exporter.

We are testing Version 0.1 of the Landmarks Exporter / Editor. What this app will do is export your landmarks file into an Excel Spreadsheet where you can then correct spelling, add comments , organize flags in groups, make wholesale find and replace and pretty much whatever you want.

The next logical step being pursued to export the edited *.xls file back into your game folder.

For testing purposes, we will be making the tool available to a few select players for testing. Send a PM to FF IG if interested.

How to Install:

1. Place the zip file at desired location on your Drive and extract it to that location. Double click the exe file

"Bunny Tools - Xml to Excel.exe" which will open this window

2. Hit the botton and then find your file in your Save Folder

(Recommend saving a copy somewhere)

It will create an Excel file in the same folder with the application.

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Bunny Maps Progress Report


Scorched Corridor - 102 NPC Locations (100%)
Outlaw Canyon - 61 NPC Locations (98%)
Dunes of Exile - 86 NPC Locations (98%)
Savage Dunes - NPC Locations (90%)
Sawdust Mines - NPC Locations (90%
Frahar Towers - NPC Locations (90%)
Oflak's Oasis - NPC Locations (75%)
Imperial Dunes - NPC Locations (75%)

Desert is the only place we have counted and transferred coordinates to the data base. Other 350 regions are estimated to be 90+ % mapped, lower regions are pretty much 50 - 60% mapped for NPCs

Mission Mats

Scorched Corridor - 70 /93 found (100%)
Void - 61 /93 found (65%)
Garden of Confusion - 12 /93 found (13%)
Land of Loria - 12 /93 found (13%)

Will be transferred to database when 250 regions completed

Craft Mats

Pretty well mapped / not transferred

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Have a new Bunny Tool today:

This one wil be a bit late for many as they have already completed it.   But as a subscriber of the old adage "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life" school of thought, this tool may be useful for those who wanna be fishermen / fisherwomen.  If ya want the *.xls file so you can edit the spreadsheet, send me a PM and I will sent you the file voia Rocket Chat.     You can see the jpg here by clicking the link below:

Tracking Form

Nexus Mission Mats for GaNoof Reward

The tool is an original style Bunny Tool and is "ole spreadsheet format"; heading explanations are as follows:

1.  Name - This is obviously the name of the material you are looking for

2.  X-Cordinate - Every flag you plant is recorded by the game on a grid.  This number indicates the horizontal cordinate from the "origin point" for the region.  You can find these coordinates in your  [toon name]landmarks.xml  file.  Good to have if you ever need to replace an accidentally deleted flag.

3.  Y-Cordinate - This number indicates the vertical cordinate from the "origin point" for the region.

4. Weather - Again this should be obvious but your map header (Humidity) shows this:

Best = 0.00 - 16.66
Good = 16.67 - 49.99
Bad = 50.00 - 83.33
Worse = 83.34 - 100.00

5.  Test Columns - The next 4 columns are there to record your progress as you test to find out which weather the desired material will pop in.

Method Used - Use what works best for you, but this was my approach with paper copy:

1. Started at the faction TP because it was most convenient. Starting with "Beng Amber", set up your tracking for 500m using the Region Spec and  Material Spec as appropriate.

2.  Note the weather and track for that Season (Region) on Beng Amber.

Possible Results:

a)  Not Present in Area - Put an "x" next to the mat name ... no benefit in tetsting from this location in any other weathers.

b)  Not Present this weather - Put an "x" on the mat name row in the weather name column ... no benefit in retesting from this location in that weather.  By process of elimination, you will soon know in which weather this material can be found and, more importantly I think,what weathers not to bother retesting in. If ya don't like x's and o's, pick something to your liking.

c)  Detected at xyz m - You know the drill run in whatever direction making number get smaller.   Put on "o" in the mat name row in the weather name column.

If intersted, when ya done for the day, or when ya paper copy just gets too "busy", you can open the landmarks.xml file and record the X and Y coordinates.

Why I kept the X and Y coordinates.

NOTE:  **Messing with the game's files is not a suuported activity.  So if you choose to do this, make copies of all files and don't ask for CSR support.**

NOTE:  I back up my files once a week or so with Zyroom if I don't notice it doing it automatically, and say I have since added 50 new flags and then I accidentally delete a flag, and restoring from backup will lose my 50 new flags ..... I can:

a) keep my new file intact -  While not ingame, I use  Notepad++ (Windows) to open the backup landmarkls.xml  and find the deleted flag.   Then copy it, close the backup file, open the newer landmarks file, find and paste that flag into the new file.  The Nexus section can be identified here and all flags below that are for Nexus (Until the next continent starts of course):

 <landmarks continent="nexus" type="user">

b)  I can just create a fake new flag wherever I am standing in the region with the proper name . Then I exit the game, open the file in Notepad++ and edit the fake numbers . For me, this feels safer.

How to make save file backups (Windows)

How to edit xml files (Windows)

How to find save files

BTW, there's a hidden test in that jpg linked ... can you find the error ?  <Just wanna see if anyone payoing attention>

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BTW, there's a hidden test in that jpg linked ... can you find the error ?  <Just wanna see if anyone payoing attention>

Visp Sap not Viscous ;)

Have a question, do you share this xml landmarks file?

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The xml file is part of Bunny Maps app ... it has a feature whereby you can add flags from the app by right click on the file in Bunny Maps.

This feature will be "activated" when beta is over and app goes "live". It is intended to be used in a limited manner, Bunny Tools are intended to be an aid, not spoon feed players past challenges.

As for the error in the *.jpg, I can't remember if I fixed it but originally, the season / region tab on top was not correct.


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Op Mat Transmogrifier (Enhancer) for Guild Island:

A. First you will need to spawn an Overseer (English),the title is different in other languages. I have seen the NPC described also as a "Stewardess" and "Quartermaster". IIRC, the cost to span them is 10 Million Dappers and 10 Guild Points/ Guild Points cone from discovering the bosses by visiting Scouts and Hunters.

Once he / she has spawned,you have to pick a place to put them. In Desert,ours was named Aposseton Plerius (Overseer).

Visit the wiki page here to see the original menu

Overseer Menu

After it's built, the option disappears and you are left with this

As you can see in the wiki page image ...

You need to build (5) Base, (7) Elements, (4) Ornaments and (6) Coatings.

- Each Base requires (10) Sap, (50) Shell, (20) Node and 20 Guild Points.
- Each Element requires (20) Bark, (50) Wood, (10) Resin and 20 Guild Points.
- Each Ornament requires (50) Amber, (20) Seed and 30 Guild Points.
- Each Coating requires (50) Fiber, (10) Oil and 20 Guild Points.

In all you will need:

Sap = 5 x 10 = 50
Shell = 5 x 50 = 250
Node = 5 x 20 = 100
Bark = 7 x 20 = 140
Wood = 7 x 50 = 350
Resin = 7 x 10 = 70
Amber = 4 x 50 = 200
Seed = 4 x 20 = 80
Fiber = 6 50 = 300
Oil = 6 x 10 = 60

They don't have to all be the same but must be submitted in the groups of 10, 20 or 50. Beware! In one instance I went in to make two Building pieces but I had enough mats for 3. The 1st one, I just made one when I hit the buttom ... the second time I made 2, leaving me with a piece I didn't need. Happened twice.

When you have assembled the required number of building parts, and added 10 Million Dappers, You can spawn youe building ... It will spawn wherever you are standing when you spawn it. See image below:

Here's a table of what it costs to raise an OP Mat to the next level.


-If you built a Kami Transmogrifier, you can only upgrade Purified Mats.
-If you built a Kara Transmogrifier, you can only upgrade Purified Mats.
-If you built a Marauder Transmogrifier, you can only upgrade Refined mats.
-If you built a Generic Transmogrifier, you can only upgrade Generic Mats.

So if you have Mats that do not match the "Transmogrifier"you want to use, click the events icon on the map and go see the black market guy.

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if you have kami building and wants to upgrade, le's say marauder mats, you can despawn the entire building and respawn it with marauder faction.

you can re-locate it and/or change faction as you wish.this operation is free of charge, you don't loose the building once it was assembled.

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Ya mean we can't build all four ?  :)I tell ya one thing ...if they reduce the quantity of sup mats required to build this thing, I gonna be cranky.


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Thinking of putting some macros in here ... mostly related to things in game like NPCs ... if there is interest ?


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Hello !! The OP sequence is bugged, you can't see the owners on the bunny tools application:)

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Yes, I notice that when I logged in today,,, last patch kept giving me curl errors, they fixed it tho and I saw today when I logged in.

Trying to find out if it was intentional (pasrt of the refactoring) or just something got broke w/ the patch. Will post when I find out.

OK, apparently the problem is that tool reads the guild API and the Guild API no longer contains the OP information. The Ryzom support team is now aware of the problem and a fix expected shortly.

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New Bunny Tool = Impact of Nation Fame on Merchant Buy / Sell Prices

Buy Fame Price = 100 + [(100 - Citizen Fame) x 0.225]
Sell Fame Price = [100 + (Citizen Fame -  100) x 0.225 ]

The impetus behind developing this tool was for crafters weighing whether, when selling to merchant,to decide where to sell to their own nation with the highest prices.If you are digging in a land other than the one in which you are a citizen, and doing the dig  / sell to hawker, rinse and repeat grind, you are in a position to gauge whether the lost dapper is worth the cost of two TPs and your travel time.

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