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if you have kami building and wants to upgrade, le's say marauder mats, you can despawn the entire building and respawn it with marauder faction.

you can re-locate it and/or change faction as you wish.this operation is free of charge, you don't loose the building once it was assembled.

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Ya mean we can't build all four ?  :)I tell ya one thing ...if they reduce the quantity of sup mats required to build this thing, I gonna be cranky.


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Thinking of putting some macros in here ... mostly related to things in game like NPCs ... if there is interest ?


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Hello !! The OP sequence is bugged, you can't see the owners on the bunny tools application:)

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Yes, I notice that when I logged in today,,, last patch kept giving me curl errors, they fixed it tho and I saw today when I logged in.

Trying to find out if it was intentional (pasrt of the refactoring) or just something got broke w/ the patch. Will post when I find out.

OK, apparently the problem is that tool reads the guild API and the Guild API no longer contains the OP information. The Ryzom support team is now aware of the problem and a fix expected shortly.

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New Bunny Tool = Impact of Nation Fame on Merchant Buy / Sell Prices

Buy Fame Price = 100 + [(100 - Citizen Fame) x 0.225]
Sell Fame Price = [100 + (Citizen Fame -  100) x 0.225 ]

The impetus behind developing this tool was for crafters weighing whether, when selling to merchant,to decide where to sell to their own nation with the highest prices.If you are digging in a land other than the one in which you are a citizen, and doing the dig  / sell to hawker, rinse and repeat grind, you are in a position to gauge whether the lost dapper is worth the cost of two TPs and your travel time.

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