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BTW, had one message asking about completing the exe mats mapping in Prime Roots ... IIRC there's 47 mats with 16 season weather combos so 752 test points ... the status when I too vacation away from games was....

00.00% Amber
34.38% Seed
48.44% Fiber
5.00% Bark
41.25% Sap
14.06% Resin
43.75% Oil
45.00% Shell
13.75% Wood
13.75% Wood Node

So if anyone wants to join in to help collect the data, send me IG mail and I will send the spreadsheet to you.


#43 [en] 

New Bunny Tool Module:  "Vendor Inventory"

Basically, what the tool does is tell you Item No., Item Description and Quality Level, Location of vendors upon which it is stored, how long it has been there and Listed Price.   The tool is intended to allow folks to keep an eye on the items being stored on vendors and, more importantly, to retrieve them before the expire and disappear ... and saving them the TP trips to go and look in all 4 regions.

When you open the App Module you will be asked to supply your C06 API Key "Items on Sale".  You can do this by hitting the "Ryzom API " icon on your App Bar" ... (icon looks like a PC Screen and KB).   Hit "Add New Key" button, chek C06, set expiration date (or never) and a name that you will recognize such as "BT Vendor Inventory (C06)".  Click "Add" and  return to the main page.  Copy the API Key and paste it into the App Window and ya good.  Most find it easier to do this thru the web site.


API Key -  Lists the 1st five characters of the API Key usd to collect the data.  The "will be updated in" part shows the time left between refreshing the data (telling app to to download latest item list) and when it will show in the window.

Character XML Age - This is the last time that the Game API updated.  If this time is longer than 8 minutes, then the data will be reprsentative of what it was that long ago.  In this case, you will want to do a refresh by hitting "Refresh" by scrolling down to the bottom of the window.

Clear API - Clears the API key in which case your data will not be accessible.  You can replace or make new one to restore access.

Item # - Self Explanatory.

Icon - Again, self explanatory, lists itemdescrition, quantity and quality level.

Item - Full Description if Item including Grade (Baic - Supreme)

Continent - Region that you can retrrive stored items from vendors

Listing Age - This lists how long the material has been on vendors .... when it reaches ~ 168 hours, it disapears.  So when Listing Age breaks 100 hours, you should "start making plans" for what you plan to do regarding those items.

Price - The unit prece per item in the stack.

Now the obvious question on everyone's mind is: "Why not just list time left ? ... it's simple math ... 168 - that Listing Age".  Problem is the math gets borked when the server reboots in which case the timer stops.   When it comes back up, strange things happen with the math, so Listing Age was used as it proved to be more accurate, more often.

Refresh - A Refresh should be done after logging in, or after any items are sold or retrieved ... can take up to 5 minutes.

EDIT:  The app seems to be auto refreshing at this point

Remember ... as above, if the Game API is down, (was down about 70 hours after last patch) the data will not be updated ... this is typical I expect of any app that relies on API data.   If Character XML Age is > 8 minutes and refresh doesn't bring it below that, then anything changed up to that long ago will not be represented in the data set.

Enjoy ....

Please post comments, issues and questions here:


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