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Well, i am using OSX 10.9.5 and Ryzom client 3.0.0 7569 (not the Steam client), and i thought maybe that the crashing with my sound turned on was fixed, but it still does it when entering buildings or going through portals. I hope this can be fixed. But until then, i guess I'm going back to playing with my sound turned off :(
Can somebody look at this please and fix it? 6 1/2 years of this now :(

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Naema, I am running on OSX 10.11.4 with client While I still crash with sound on it only happen once per 20 or so loading screens. I noticed even with the older client (2.1.0) that after the update to osx 10.11.4 the crashing with sound on all but dissapered. At least on my computer. Just something to think on.

And since El Capitain is free I believe going back to Snow Leapard it is something to consider.


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