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Brand new to Ryzom so the first thing I did was change A and D from turn left/right to strafe left/right, works fine unless I'm holding right click (mouse look) then it replaces strafe left/right with turn left/right.

There doesn't seem to be any options to unbind M2+A and M2+D in either the KEYS window in game or even the XML files in the Ryzom game folder.

This is a huge game changer for me since I've been using this control scheme since I played Asherons Call many many years ago and it'll be difficult for me to figure out another way to play the game.



#2 [en] 

The problem seems to be that 'Free look' or holding down the right mouse button switches Strafe for Turn, so Strafe Left/Right is Turn Left/Right and Turn Left/Right becomes Strafe Left/Right.

So I just bound A and D back to Turn Left/Right for now and I'm using free look all the time.

I spoke to the Ryzom client developer and he said he'll look into it.


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