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I got to make my character but when I try to play the game it starts to load then freezes and in the background is this
popup message. What I put in the subject line is the subject line the message reads:

Access violation exception generated at 0xB7489 thread attempts to write at 0x7489.
The thread attempted to read from or write to a virtual
address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

I tried deleting Ryzom from my computer and putting it back on and I get the same message. I really wanted to try this game but don't know what to do.

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Try to switch graphics driver between OpenGL and DirectX and see if that fixes it for you.



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Thanks for the advice but it did not help. Now I get the same message just with a new string of numbers. I am close to giving up on this game forever.

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Error message sadly does not tell anything useful.

There might be some antivirus or security program interfering.

There might be write access restrictions to some of the files (especially if installed in Program Files folder), this could be 'fixed' by running as administrator.

If using Windows 10, then I've seen programs crash for no good reason unless using 'windows 7' (or xp) compatibility mode.

If you do not use Steam version, then there might be newer beta client be available from



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Standard operating procedure would be to post client.log, no?


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