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I was wondering and hoping that you can implement some kind of server wide notice, to let everyone know that the nightly backup will be starting in something like 5-10 minutes prior to the backup and that it may cause lag and temporary disconnects from the server over the next 10-20 minutes.

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Definitely could use this.

Would hate to start getting "please wait"s while in PR trying to keep track of mats, kirosta patrols, and all the regular shi... I mean aggro mobs. Kinda frustrating.


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I prefer what's already in the Roadmaps... To fix pw hour completely :D otherwise i would agree that a notice could be useful!


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Ultimately yes, fixing the issue itself would be best but it seems especially with the new population of players from the Steam release (which is sooooo awesome!!!) the PW's result in a lot of complaints about "lag", and end up as part of negative reviews or community support posts on Steam.

If I'm playing during that time I (as do many others) try to let folks know what's going on and that it will be over soon.


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