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Technical Support


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I had to reinstall my OS and so no longer had Ryzom on my laptop. I figured I'd wait and get it via Steam, I just did so and my toons are all gone. I began to go through the process of creating a new one, just to so i could at least play for now and none of the hair changes colour. Black for everyone. So I'm hoping it's just a glitch for me?

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I've only seen black/white textures on intel graphics card under window (same hardware under linux work fine tho). Unfortunately there is no fix currently.

As for missing chars, at the time of server merge, characters from inactive accounts were not moved over.
Restoring those is case-by-case basis and you need to contact support_at_ryzom.com and see if they are able to restore them.



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Wasn't the server merge quite some time ago though? I 'm pretty sure I've played within the past year - I thought the server thing was a few years ago?
*edit* - in steam I chose Launch Configuration, clicked on Display and changed it to Direct 3D and now all the colours are loading correctly

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WB Birchwind :-)

The server merge was September 2012.  If you played since then you should be able to get your toons back if you send a ticket to Support.

Good luck and have fun :-)


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Yay! All is well. Support was SO fast to get back to me! For some reason when i activated Ryzom this time I used an really old account I'd not really played on from long ago - hence my missing toons. All is great now, i've got her back :D and graphics are fine also. Good to be home!

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wb then :)


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