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Non steam users will also get this new update right? Is the freeze waiting bug fixed?

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The update is various fixes and upgrades to the game client. As far as I know there are no changes to the server or special patch coming out.

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You can try the new client allready.

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You can download the new client for a while now, please go to http://ryzom.kervala.net/clients/ and fetch the correct files for your system. I spotted some new packages called
ryzom_client_static_full_osx_3.0.0.7521.7z (1496.674885 MB - 2016-04-14 16:57:38)
ryzom_client_static_full_win64_3.0.0.7538.7z (1730.27219 MB - 2016-04-25 09:45:06)

which I haven't tested yet. It's probably your safest bet, if bandwidth is not an issue. Create a new folder like Ryzom_Beta and extract the files.

There are typically 2 versions of the client for each system, a standalone version called client static and the steam version called client steam. If you want to install the files manually without updating everthing, you just need to download 2 files:

* ryzom_client_static_win64_3.0.0.7548.7z
* ryzom_data_static_3.0.0.7548.7z

Make sure the versions match, in this case You don't need anything else, ryzom tools is mostly for developers.

Extract the client into your ryzom folder e.g. c:\program files\ryzom and the data into the data folder e.g. c:\program files\ryzom\data. The client will continue to update itself in the future.

The please wait is a server / connection issue, the new client might have some fixes to the network code though.


(Example for windows 64bit.)


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