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Ryzom Forge meeting's agenda - 2nd of may 2016

on IRC (freenode) #ryzomforge

1 Communication & Marketing Group

2 Lore Group

3 Event Group

4 Translation Group

5 Support Group

6 Dev Group

7 Ark Group

8 Level Design Group

9 Graphics Group

10 Music Group

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Communication & Marketing Group

Q: If i am right if we use at least one time the Steam client our account will be definitively Steam linked and we will have no way to sub without steam ?
A: The accounts unlik is going to be possible with a previous ask to us.

Q: : The new "static" client will be officialy release in the same time as Steam?
A: Both patch system are different so both releases will happen in different dates.

Q: So, just to make sure i understood right, once subbed over Steam, payment is linked to steam from ryzom account, but logging with a normal static client would still be possible, on an account that is subbed over steam?
A: Yes, it would be possible, no matter from where you sub, you will be able to use both clients. BUT, if you sub using Steam, the only option to subscribe again will be Steam.

Ark Group

Deed: I'd like to get some help for event scripts from the time before ARK. If it would be possible to get an example of an old script, or an explanation? 
Gaueko: I will contact Ark Team to tell them to talk with you. I hope they can help you with your petition! 


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