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April 24, 2016

Massively overpowered:The Game Archaeologist: Saga of Ryzom

(Edit: Sorry for the mistake, corrected it. And thx for info Mjollren. System probably inserted a line break space and I was too much in a hurry for re-check.)

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You added an extra space before the word Ryzom .. I was wondering why the link didn't work :)


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Hmm, not really that impressed by the article... it just restates a bunch of info that is already available... But maybe it will help me give out more picks!

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Spooky I just found that article 2 days ago :-0


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Nice article, but the comments section was more interesting to read. Funny to see the reasons listed by some players as to why they gave up on Ryzom: no jumping, full collision detection, difficulty to solo mobs, etc.


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I noticed that, too. All the things that keep Atys real were reasons that people quit.


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Multilingual | English | [Français]
Je pense que l'information la plus importante est que cet article a été publié à tous. Sur l'une des grandes plates-formes d'information mmorpg. Je pense que Ryzom a vraiment besoin de ce mode de nom tomber aussi souvent que possible :)
Et oui Rikutatis, a trouvé la section des commentaires très intéressant aussi. Je pense que les commentaires négatifs, il ne devrait pas trop insister. Peut-être que quelqu'un veut répondre et informer sur la unique de KI des animaux, les cycles de lumière du jour et les changements de saison, le sentiment de survie?
Vraiment drôle de voir des gens quitter à cause des caractéristiques qui font de Ryzom unique. Qu'est-ce que ça dit sur ceux qui y jouent?

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Really funny to see people quit because of the features that make Ryzom unique. What does this tell about those who play it?

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Unique does not always mean useful, fun, or entertaining.

The people who keep playing this thing just means they're broken in the right way so as to fit in :)

In the game there are lots of features that are half-baked, underdeveloped, or generally unfinished and unpolished. There's a myriad of server-side bugs, MOST of the rites are not finished, do I need to go on?

Ok, mobs migrate. So what, is it such a core mechanic? It barely registers past a few actual implications for trekking. Enormous skill system that requires one to be a master of several skills before they can attempt pvp? When other games offer you an automated scaling of your character to max level, so you can have fun after a few hours, not after 4 months? Several stanzas that are literally useless or extremely niche?

Ryzom is a great game, sure. But when people dislike its unique features, they're not just being dumb. They're being practical.


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