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Hi all,

I am a new player and I am looking to get a better understanding of the way events drive the story-line of Ryzom.

Therefore, I am looking for complete videos in English of live events with commentary on why the event occurred and what the outcome means.

I believe that with those type of presentation/videos it would help new players grasp what is going on in the world.


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Videos? No. But an old player from Arispotle used to update the wiki with detailed description of events and its ramifications:

Unfortunaly that player is no longer around, so now all we have are reports and posts scattered around the Events and Roleplay forums of webIG.

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Thanks Rikutatis I am reading this right now.

I believe for this Steam release that it will be essential for new players to events because they will be as clueless as I am to what they are about and why they are so important.
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