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Race = Zorai
Faction = Kami
Guild Hall = Zora
PvP = Always flag ON, will never complain about being killed while digging or AFK
RP = Defence Arm of the Theocracy
Guild Leaders = Shiga & Rikutatis
High Officers = Norris

Guild purposes :

Blue Wave is a new guild born with the meeting of two Zorai fighters, Shiga & Rikutatis.

We want to take part in Zorai's community, and will help the other kamists when needed.

We have the same point of view about playing Ryzom,
Digging supreme and hunting bosses or named shouldn't be for the purpose of filling several guild halls but only getting the best stuff for PvP

Same for levelling, accumulating masters for the pleasure of watching the skill tree is definitively not our passion in this game.

We are looking for fighters who recognize themselves in this way of playing, we'd like to set up a team for 3vs3 and more;

Otherwise we will never say no to mature players for digital exercises in 2vs2 challenges.

We use Skype or TS, and can speak English, French or Portuguese.

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Congratulations on your new guild. :) Best of luck. :)


The Clan

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Multilingual | Français

Lorganeer Talli

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Blue Wave is proud to welcome the Zorai Ambassador Zhan as a new Hozu !

Zhan is our new Xao, pledge of allegiance to theTheocracy has been done in front of Zora Kami Master.

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Une légende est de retour :P

Lokido Duo-Fong, un des meilleurs combattants d'Aniro, s'est réveillé d'entre les morts et a rejoint ses frères Zorai dans leurs aventures sur cette "nouvelle" Atys.

Welcome back Lokido :D

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