Chronicles of Atys
[Imperial decree] Civil reorganisation of the Empire cities around their akenak

Article 1 – Civil organisation of the Empire cities

Each city of the sharük is placed under the responsibility of a sole akenak. The akenak is the civil representative of the sharükos to the town inhabitants. Their duty is to ensure, as the Emperor himself would, that the needs of his fellow citizens, with respect to the four Pillars, are met.

a) To assist with their dutys, the akenak can appoint Patriots in his city to the title of akenos, to be entrusted with various tasks. akenak are ultimatly responsible for their appointed akenos. Those patriots appointed akenos will have to prove they are worthy, just as their akenak does.
Nevertheless, all Patriots are free to be part of the assemblies and to express themselves there by exchanging their ideas and opinions, as long as they do it in the respect of the Fyros values.

b) The akenak can ask the celikaos of his city for advice as they require, and communicate with the Imperial Senate or with sharükos if needed.

c) The military decisions remain the prerogative of the strategos.

The decisions concerning the whole Empire will be shared by the akenak of the three cities gathered in Pyr, subject to the approval of sharükos or the one of the Imperial Senate.

Article 2 – akenak appointment

The Emperor will appoint in person the akenak, every two years of Jena, among the candidates worthy of this office who will have presented themselves to the celiakos of their cities.

Application conditions

a) Only Patriots can apply to the akenak position.

b) The applicants will have to prove, by words or by their past actions, their devotion to sharükos, to the sharük, to the Pillars and to the Desert’s People. They’ll have to commit to continue upholding the Pillars, and to lead their fellow citizens, by their example and by their actions.

c) The applicants will have to prove their representation, by having the Patriots who support them attending their application speech.

d) Once the two years of Jena are over, the akenak will give back their position, and any Patriot who thinks he fulfils the required conditions can submit his application to the celiakos.
If an akenak wishes to continue his role, they will prove their worth again, by their acts to the trial of the sharükos, and his fellow citizens.

Post vacancy

a) In case of occasional vacancy in their position, the akenak can delegate their responsibilities to one of their akenos.

b) In case of extended vacancy, they will have to render their office, and the celiakos and the people of their Cities will present new applicants.

Article 3 – Multiple applications

a) If enough valuable Patriots are ready to serve sharükos and the sharük as akenak for a city, they will then share the length of the mandate in equal durations, starting with the one with the more supports.

b) There won’t be more than one applicant at the same time per patriot guild: it is up to each guild leader to chose with fairness in their ranks, the most capable Patriot to practice this responsibility.

Article 4 – akenak forfeiture

If an akenak disobeyed the Emperor, or betrayed the Pillars or the Patriots whom they promised to protect and guide, they would be immediately be dismissed from thier post. The greater the honour, the greater the responsibility.

Lykos – Pyr Imperial Palace
Germinally 25, 1st AC, 2585

Fyros values

'... Justice is the fourth pillar. The Emperor is our absolute chief, though even he must scrupulously obey the laws decreed by our ancestors. From the most powerful to the most humble, we respect our laws without compromise. In truth, then, it is not the Imperial Chief but the Imperial Law that dictates our conduct. ...'

Fyros government organization

'... Akenak (Parliament) - Currently 5

They are elected by the Fyros citizens for a one Jena year duration (2 and a half months IRL) .... .'

Formerly, the Fyros Akenak were elected by the Fyros player community. There were speeches and discussions in the tavern. There was life.
Now, a Fyros player can apply for the Akenak job, but it is the event team who decides.

The Fyros Akenak players are no represantatives of the Fyros people anymore.

Formerly, all Fyros Akenak players were equal.
Now the event team appoints a willing Akenak candidate and rewards him/her with the 'privilege' to 'choose' other players to be more equal.

The Fyros event team turned an egalitarian player system into an elitarian system for a few chosen players.

A few weeks ago I asked the german fyros event team manager about the reason for the destruction of the Fyros Akenak player lore.
The answer was short and insufficient. The Fyros Akenak system needed to be destroyed because it was necessary to do so. No explanation of the necessity.

With my character Nuzanshi I used to serve as a real elected Akenak on the german (Leanon) server. Me and my Akenak colleagues did a fairly good job until heavy bias and aggressive nonsense 'roleplay' by the german event team made it a waste of time.

Among other reasons, the recent destruction of the Fyros Akenak player system made me quit my Ryzom subscription.

/sel deyùch
/I disagree

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The Emperor and Empire are one and the same, so if the Emperor wants to reorganize the government then thats what will happen. It is completely in character and considering the Akenak is already basically non-existant, it is long overdue.


There are reasons why no Fyros players want to become Akenak.
Did anyone from Fyros event team really ask the players?

How can complete lack of Fyros roleplayers be 'overdue'?
Does the 'in-character' argument really help here?

#4 [en] 

By in-character I mean the Emperor himself can make those decisions- it is not a mysterious creation of the event team.

If Patriots are upset, them maybe they should apply to the positions that are being offered and show that the patriots want a more democratic way, although the Empire is not a democracy.


Taking the 'offered positions' would mean to accept the status quo enforced upon the fyros players by the event team.

Please consider, this is a out-of-character discussion.
Does restricting all arguments to 'in-character' point of view really help any further?

And again: Did the event team ask the Fyros player community? (or what remains of it).
Was the 'in-character' argument the only basis for those decisions?

#6 [en] 

As a former Fyros citizen, I can attest to the following:

No one cared to become Akenak in the English community, for months at a time. There was Rollocks, and Lerya, and Daavics, all who dropped from their duties more than 1 year ago (if not 2). Generally, the response in the English community was dismal, regarding Fyros "meetings".

(to be fair, discussing akenak uniforms for months kind of bored everyone to bits, too)

So ... my assumption is that the Event Team is changing the role of Akenak in order to make it more enticing to the would-be player that gets the role. However, if this change affects the French and Dyron communities negatively, then I would agree that it needs to be rolled back.



Me and my Akenak colleagues did a fairly good job until heavy bias and aggressive nonsense 'roleplay' by the german event team made it a waste of time. Among other reasons, the recent destruction of the Fyros Akenak player system made me quit my Ryzom subscription.
Everyone is welcome to support the event team, which is made of volunteers. Would you rather have no events again? Maybe the event team felt the same way about your roleplay being 'agressive' and 'nonsense'? Wherever the truth lies, I'm pretty sure this forum is not the place for your personal vendetta with the event team. You found the solution yourself, if you disagree with the way the game is run and events are handled, just unsubscribe....


#8 [en] 

I want to stress that, to my knowledge, the Akenak posts were left vacant on Arispotle for longer periods due to lack of both candidates, and electorate interested in the process. On Aniro, as I was told, the election by the daggers was abandoned after the Matis-Fyros war, and the Akenak appointed by the sharükos or the senate (don't know). So the election by the daggers was probably upheld on Leanon only, the smallest of the three pre-merge communities.

And it is somewhat over the top to blame the event team for the demise of Fyros roleplay. In fact, the clashes between the different styles of RP have driven out a number of Fyros roleplayers, and .. hmm .. "seperatist" tendencies such as the Atreus affair also discouraged some active Fyros players. The slowness of multilingual RP also contributed to the decline of participation.

The reorganization the event team had in mind accommodated to the fact that there were not enough Fyros roleplayers left to organize something like an election. Maybe the decision was not perfect, as so far, even Akenak to be appointed could not be found. Maybe they will in the future.

Or maybe it is indeed a better idea to revive the old electoral process. But I doubt. The participation at the Akenos sessions, worst in Pyr, but not really more encourageing in Thesos and Dyron, does not speak for a high probability that Fyros patriot electors would gather en masse and candidates were willing to run for Akenak.


Daomei die Streunerin - religionsneutral, zivilisationsneutral, gildenneutral


Thank you very much Daomei for some kind of explication at least, although your explication raises even more questions.

I wonder if it really helps to destroy the old Fyros system without ever having asked the players about the 'new' system? Is everybody sure about the old 'call of the dagger system' being bad? Maybe there were other things about Fyros roleplay that would have needed a change?

For example: After merge I watched the rp events and the rp forums.

Many of those forum roleplay discussions after merge made me stay away from Fyros roleplay and any roleplay. Very often those forum discussions ended up in blaming players of having 'personal psycho problems' (as it seems to be attempted here again) and other forms of discrediting player discussions.

Maybe the way those 'rp discussions' back then still keep away Fyros roleplayers? Or maybe it is the Fyros rp content that keeps Fyros players away, not the 'political system'? Maybe it is the way this rp content is presented?

I think more questions should be asked.

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I can confirm the Akenak was pretty much inactive for a long time on Arispotle. It has always been the least active of the 4 player governments there. It was no surprise that the Matis won the Fyros-Matis war on Aris and Thesos was burned to the ground ^^

But I cannot confirm whether it was because of the dagger election system, or just a lack of active Fyros RP guilds. Probably the latter though.
In fact, the clashes between the different styles of RP have driven out a number of Fyros roleplayers, and .. hmm .. "seperatist" tendencies such as the Atreus affair also discouraged some active Fyros players.

Daomei, I keep reading and hearing this (not only about Fyros, but all races), but I still cannot understand what it is about "separatist" or "extremist" tendencies that drives roleplayers away. Roleplayers, out of everyone playing this game, are exactly the ones who should know to separate IC from OOC and play around the stories as they unfold. Instead of taking it personally and quitting or something.

My character for example is pro-Cho Dynasty. But if say, a Jenaist cult took control over Zora, kicked the Cho Dynasty away, and implemented all sorts of separatist policies, I would actually be thrilled by that! Plenty of opportunities for RP, dissidence, conflict, etc.


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#11 [en] 

Speaking as an "interested outsider" (i.e. not involved in Fyros roleplay but who enjoys watching any roleplay), I can recall only one "election of the daggers" on Arispotle that had any significant turnout. One. In that one there were only three candidates.

Since the merge, the only reports I have gotten about Fyros gatherings have been contentious and driven by only a very few players. There have been a few fun events in the Desert (such as the rescue of the Nine Mektoubs to Pyr and the closing of the Dyron Kitin Mound) but like most events these they have been largely server-wide, not so much an expression of Fyros roleplay as server roleplay.

Political roleplay as a whole seems to be very low with a few exceptions. (Some populations in Matis and Tryker, but not all). I suspect that the Event Team is trying to stir things up. (In your case they certainly succeeded, though perhaps not in the way they wanted.) Or possibly they wanted to have a system in place to accept an influx of Steam players without having to handle the complexities of the dagger system (which I strongly suspect was labor intensive on the part of the ET).

The solution is to increase national roleplay and take some initiative. Unless the Event Team sees a lot of people playing it, they aren't going to want to re-change this. More people becoming Patriots and coming to governance events would be a sign of interest in this roleplay. I'm sure that there are ways for CSRs to determine how many toons are patriots. Not so sure if they can tell who is active.

Those are my thoughts.


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On Leanon (german) server, there were a few quite active Fyros guilds until ... well, that's another unlucky ooc story.

Regarding the long texts written by the event team around the Tryker constitution and the meetings needed to discuss them I cannot see the point of the Fyros system should be 'labor intensive'?

Fyros Akenak candidates announce their application in rp forum and distribute their daggers among the fyros people. No work for the event team apart from a forum announcement. There will be one evening to collect the daggers and announce the new Akenak. One event date needed.

There might be only one Akenak - but this one is elected by the Fyros players.

For me, the 'new' system turns the 'Akenak' in npc's on behalf of the event team.

About the 'separatist' stories that you refer to Daomei - I hardly know anything about it. I know that there had been an 'Atreus' story but it was mainly for french community only. I respected this and stayed away. If this story is the reason for the destruction of the Fyros Akenak system, I don't know how this effects the arispotle and leanon Fyros community.

#13 [en] 

Well, the problem, or opportunity, is the we are all one community now. Some of the things in our pasts might not agree, but we have the opportunity to shape the future of the roleplay. I still see that a person wanting patriots to be able to elect Akenak has the best chance of accomplishing this by applying for the current position and proving to the Emperor that the Patriots will not elect a rebel or imbicile (aka trump, public opinion is not always helpful).

#14 [fr] 

Pour être akenak, il faut prouver qu'on n'a pas d'avatars jouant dans les autres factions? ou c'est pas trop grave ?

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From my observation (and I wasn't in Fyros, with one exception, for ages), there were no candidates for competition for quite a long time, and - if at all - very, very few who voted. The new system probably spares candidates (if there are any) the humiliation of of a voting where nobody votes at all, and the patriots an Akenak which is inactive. What is certain is the fact that the Akenak in Dyron was reduced to just one person for a pretty long time, and that the other Akenak softly and suddenly vanished away, like a Boojum. Partly, but only partly, this might have indeed been because of that uniform discussion (which was started by the Akenak players, though) - as if there wouldn't be any other problems! So in all respect it's a bit late for you to suddely care, Nuzanshi, for you didn't for a very long time.


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