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Basic 97% (2411 sap load)

2 x choice adriel bark
2x choice perfling bark
1x excel adriel bark

2x fine buo fiber
3x excel shu fiber

10 sup zun

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thanks :)


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Craftjenn, Ranger

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Tryker PvP Jools

Tryker Excellent

10x Glump Nails
10x Harini Nails
10x Mukah Nails

7x 1 Wombai eyes xl, 1 bodoc eye xl, 1 sha xl
3x 1 Lumper eyes xl, 1 Yelk mushroom xl, 1 sha xl.

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HQ 97% amps mega/cheng

Shaft 6x choice adriel bark
1x choice mitexi bark

4x choice buo fiber
1x choice dzao fiber
1x choice anete fiber

20x supreme zun amber

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First: Thanks, Roseali, for your efforts. Some of the amps recipes were new to me :).
Second: Wouldn't it be appropriate to put a spoiler warning on top of the first post and into the subject line?


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