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I can't use any of the IG apps anymore ... not just yours... lastest patch (04-24)seem to have broken them.


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Seem's that guild app cannot be seen too if added recently, except by the author.

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karu came up with a solution (delete widgets.xml file) ... specific to Win64 ver


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I rec'd a response from Kapersky stating:"

"According to our New Virus Department, they were unable to reproduce the detection. Please update your antivirus bases.
If the problem persists, please send the screenshots or logs of detection. "

Databases update automatically; they did 1 hour ago. However, all 3 files still trip the detection and delete the file... exe on d/l and compressed files when uncompressed. Please send screenies to:

To: customerservicesolution@kaspersky.com
RTe: Support INC000006156332 Other Configuration Issue


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I wish I knew what triggers it with kaspersky. It is very frustrating for a developer to face the programs being classified as generic trojan by an anti virus software. It seems to be triggered still, even after removing the assembler optimization libraries.

If you are having problems, please upload your file to https://www.virustotal.com/ and check what the majority of the scanners tell you. I ran some tests on the files and here are the results for me:

SHA256: 231d16359f237d89e957db0876f2a5e857e8d7560c63bf1cdeace6b66c3d5496
File name: kc.exe
Detection ratio: 0 / 56
Analysis date: 2016-05-18 17:21:45 UTC ( 7 minutes ago )

SHA256: acde8ff269fd5bf6a32d9cd42b34a343ca0167d358014ee0686509176c785ff8
File name: CDS_Edit.exe
Detection ratio: 1 / 56
Analysis date: 2016-05-08 17:54:22 UTC ( 1 week, 2 days ago )

Currently detecting 10+ and then crashing. So my tool to edit the database seems to be the culprit and I have no idea why. It was the tool I even released the source code at one point. I'll probably have to remove it from all archives if it keeps getting detected as trojan :(



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I build a new version and updated all archives. Let's hope this will fix the anti virus issues for good...

SHA256: 1e37a7f40451f6c3a0b23c6b6602de8184c5f29c170eeeb67c586c8969852f53
File name: KC20160518.zip
Detection ratio: 0 / 56
Analysis date: 2016-05-18 17:47:44 UTC ( 1 minute ago )

Changes since last version:


* removed Database Editing Tool, which still triggered false positives with anti virus software... (generic banking trojan)


* added confirmation dialog to the clear recipe menu option



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If you know any site still linking to the old version, please change it or try contact the webmaster. I keep getting ingame tells about problems which are solved by the current version. Unfortunatelly a google search for kipeecraft brings up all the ancient stuff and not the current homepage. I'll have to look more into search engine optimization for this I suppose...


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Just got confirmation from Kaspersky that they have identified the non-light version of KC as a "false positive" and would be fixing the problem (fixed 06/14). Just checked the zip file and extracted it ... no false detection with the offending file. So shud be safe to put up again if so inclined.

Sent you an e-mail but have like 5 e-mails for you only one of which O know is dead (.de).

In return for all the hours I spent getting this done, I am requesting that you reduce my KC user license fee by half :)


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Thank you FF! I separated the database editor from the main program and made the download size smaller this way. I think this is a good solution for everyone...

Once KC goes 365 subscription model, I will give you one year free. How does this sound? It will be completely in the cloud, online connection required and you need to install 200mb of additional tools and libraries to use it. I'm really looking forward to KC 365 ;)

(Just kidding.)



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How many ports I gotta open for 365 to function ?

365 is the one that uses Win10 features to monitor my crafting efforts and compare them with all the others in the database in order to "improve the user experience".

The exe weather mapping tool (above ground) should be out in a few days (beta testing now). In exchange for the 365 license, you can pick one one the exisiting subscription apps, no charge. Pay for any 2 and I'll the throw in the 3rd and the 2 Add-Ons Free:

* Sup Mats Tracker - Tells you what weather each mat pops in what location; also tells you when it was last dug and when it will refill.

* Boss Tracker - Same as above but for Bosses

* Macro Creator - Insert a link to a kc file on your HD and it crates a macro to target all the ingredients. Will efault to closest Mob or dig source unless you uncheck boxes nesxt to each of the ingredients listed on screen.

**Alt Scout Add On - Go about your business while your alt scouts out all items in the KC Recipe using the macro created above.

**Kik Starter Add on - Works with above apps and send a kik message 15 minutes (default) before any sup or boss pops.


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