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I once had a trek through ToT and was ambushed together with my trekkie by some of them and offered the alternative either to fight or to pay (we bargained a bit about the amount, was fun). So they did real PvP oriented roleplay as an outlaw clan, not just brainless ganking.

That's me and some of my lucky brothers. Unfortunately, half of players we blackmailed were complaining to GMs.

I remember a time at the merge: the first OP war was the most awesome since the beginning of this game.

3 Faction :
-90 Maras ( 57 Seves Noires + 33 AoH).
-120 Kamis
-120 Karas

But do not worry, guys, many pvp players are just waiting for something motivating. If guild politics were rising like :

"I'm a Kami Leader but I don't like this other Kami guild, we won't bother coming me and my allies"

"Oh you want take this OP and not having to confront us ? Give us 20% of your future production and we have a deal."

But players have too much honesty and integrity while playing this game. That is the PROBLEM.


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I really don't think its that hard to tell most pvp-point farming from actual training. All the times I have seen its been incredibly obvious- people doing the same thing over and over again, not competing, not wearing gear etc etc. Yes Dao I agree there are some borderline cases but this does not make up the majority (certainly for me it has always been black or white).

As for statistics, I personally love that idea. KDR, wins, losses, kills with certain weapons, dodges/parries, most damage done in a minute, player killed the most, player killed by the most. All these things as public information to view would be brilliant, along with scoreboards. I do also understand that it very may well be impossible to do.

Others may not like the statistics but for many pvpers, these are things that drive us. Could even have a title system attached to some statistics when you have reached X amount of something, titles for players at the top (and removed when they are replaced). Kill commendations etc. the opportunities are endless and I would love them all.



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ROFL jiminy crickets what does it take to get you to say, "I want a new dress?" or "I want this or that."

You want to contnually attack me as being an unintelligent person. I do not appreciate that.

I'm not attacking you for being unintelligent; intelligent people are not immune to behaving badly. I welcome counter point to the points put forth. But rather than address any of those points, you respond only with personal attacks .... just as you do in various channels in game.... though there it tends to be a bit more "colorful"

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Errr.. when someone sits there killing an alt over and over again well thats farming. If someone repetitively kills someone else whilst they don't attack back, then they swap turns.. well thats farming also. Its not hard to tell. Then again considering you think a character in refugee gear not moving from a boss spawn for a solid week might just be curious about the surrounding fauna this doesn't surprise me at all. Especially when the farming alt decides to start selling off all the farmed gear on uni chat for dappers.. well then its pretty obvious isn't it? .

When the game provides rewards for one group, that are not available to others, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that people will look for ways around it. If ya don't want people farming PvP points, the most logical alternative is to provide mechanism to get similar, not same, rewards with equal effort.

One pays a subscription fee each month to get access to certain rewards. Once one starts paying, one gets double XP, get packers, gets an apartment. Are PvEers paying a lower subscription rate rate then those who PvP ? If not, then all players should have an equal opportunity to get similar, not same, rewards with comparable effort.

I agree, that there is no way to stop farmers but wouldn't agree that it would be obvious, or at least provable. I have never observed it.

"Ranger Only 2 x 2 PvP tournament Matis Arena 2 pm UST"


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Can we please let this thread die (in peace)? Its just PvP'ers saying things that other Pvp'ers already know, people that don't know anything about PvP injecting their own two cents about something that would never affect them, random non-constructive complaints, and tit-for-tat bickering.............

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In other words ... the points being made do not reflect my views so I want them silenced.


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Everything that could possibly be brought up about Pvp already has, people have expressed their agreement with and disagreement, so now we can move on, unless someone thinks of a new topic that was not covered yet.

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Personally I have already resigned myself to the fact that:

a) due to the way combat gameplay and OP war mechanics work,
b) coupled with the really low population of active PVP players on the game,

the only modality of enjoyable and competitive PVP for me in the game is 2x2 (save some rare exceptions now and then).

Still loving the official events and RP though =P

(btw BIG thanks to all maras, kamis and karas who came to the Fakuang pvp event yesterday btw, it was great fun! ^^)


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In other words ... the points being made do not reflect my views so I want them silenced.

In other words, someone injecting his points in the thread where they don't belong, derailing discussion and spoiling it with off-topic nonsense. If you want discuss things that concern you, go create your own thread. There you can rant forever about non-PvP means of obtaining goodies and how super-awesome this game was twelve years ago, when no pesky PvPers polluted it.

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