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Do you actively play Ryzom?
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I just joined and I noticed the game seems very old. Does anyone still play or is the game population stagnant?

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Ryzom is preparing to go on Steam very soon, so I understand that will give it big exposure, and perhaps more of an influx of players?

The game has been supported through the years by faithful players that just love playing it and feel there is no other MMORPG like it.

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Ryzom has a smaller community than most games, but many players have stuck around a long time because of various reasons. Not everyone posts to forums or reads them, so your poll might not be so accurate if you are looking for an estimate of player numbers. The community also seems to be more active at certain times of the year and day. Its a good community though, try to think of it in terms of quality, not quantity ;)

Also, you might still be in the newbie zone called Silan, you will find more players when you complete it and go to the mainland.

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I'm glad to hear that the game is still going strong even if the player base is low.

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The population is very small. Welcome to the family!


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The people who don't play the game would not see this posting,

Soooo..... the only followup postings you recieve are going to be positive.

Just saying....


I need me a new tag line on my messages!

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The people who don't play the game would not see this posting,

Soooo..... the only followup postings you recieve are going to be positive.

Just saying....

I no longer play, but I do keep an eye on the forums to see if anything happens though. Happy?


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Ditto - do not play - but check forums - think we have about 25 ex-atyss in our guild, so game base was cut by about a quarter? Considering lots of us paid for alts as well ...


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Gasket: So, I guess Gidget is no longer playing also??


I need me a new tag line on my messages!

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Gasket and Gidget aren't related. As far as i know Gidget still plays.


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Welcome to Ryzom Alunara :-)

There are not many of us it is true, but that just means there's more for everybody.  

The main reason I think is because this game is not for everyone.  Most players (myself included) expect a different type of game and this puts some people off.  

Ryzom is unique.  This is not a shoot - em - up, this is not as easy as most games.  If you get past the training you will be rewarded with a game with true depth where the skills you pick up can be developed all the way up to level 250.

Coming up to 12 years old, I think this shows that there is something special about Ryzom.

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I kind of like Kovabon's point lol.



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