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Hi all! Just wanted to share this for the Mac users planning to update their OS. Finding the save files in Mac is a bit different now in El Capitan.

Now you must do this:

Hold down the alt button while clicking “Go” in the Finder bar. Then click on "Library" which will open up inside Finder.

Then follow this path: Containers > com.winchgate.ryzom > Library > Application Support > Ryzom > Save

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Hi Ember,

nice of you to post this, but this is only true for Ryzom Version 2.0.0
The latest stable version is 2.1.0

Your path is correct for 2.0.0, but for 2.1.0 after opening the Library like you said, follow: Application Support > Ryzom > Save

It isn't related to the Mac OS X version, but i guess you did a fresh download from App Store, which is 2.0.0 if i remember correctly. There are some tutorials on installing 2.1.0 here:

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So why isn't the Apple Store being updated with the most current stable version anymore?

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if I recall from another post, apple store won't allow apps that patch anymore

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Placio is correct, and iirc the guy that was holding the Ryzom Apple-ID wasn't around anymore or something like that... once the beta clients of kervala get to official state, the App Store should be updated (but it will be recommended to download not from App Store, because App store one can't patch)


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