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Hi there,

After a long time away from Atys, I just bumped into Ryzom again and thought I might come back and try again.

The thing is, my account being old and all, I can't even connect to the game as a f2p player, because I get an error 3011 message.

Do I really have to create a new account?
Can't I just somehow transfer / adapt / empty it to start again in f2p and then see what I do?

Thanks in advance.


en tant que vieux de la vieille, et ancien ménestrel d'Atys, après des années d'absence, je souhaitais revenir et voir un peu comment ça se passe.

Or, pas moyen de me connecter en f2p, sans le message d'erreur 301 disant qu'il me faut un abonnement.

Est-ce que je ne peux pas convertir, changer, etc, mon compte pour jouer en f2p avant de voir ce que je fais? Parce que là je trouve dommage et un peu idiot d'avoir à utiliser une autre adresse mail pour créer un autre compte.

Merci d'avance pour votre aide les gens

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ok, all free to play accounts were deleted at merger (if i recall correctly).

once an account is subscribed you can not go back to being free 2 play after.

you can send a mail with details about your old account if you've not logged in since before the merger, they will have to recover your account.

you can create a new free to play account while you wait, or visit to chat with the players via the universe chats, your guild chat, and via tells.

i hope that this helps you out and you can soon return to atys.



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Thanks a lot for the quick reply,

I'll do that and ask for recovery if possible, or just have the account deleted, so i can get back to zero.

Grytt, Nair-Talk!

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Can't login with same error, check your mail (as i remember a year ago your just ignored my request to recover my character)....
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