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Hello, Cornrow here. I recently switched to Ubuntu and i find it to be a lot of fun (while being stressful at times). So in my process of learning Ubuntu and other stuff i searched for a game to have fun when i have time and Ryzom is perfect game for me. But I cant make Ryzom run properly so can someone tell me where on the forums should I ask questions if I problems with running the game. Thanks


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Search the forums using keyword Ubuntu.

If you have a specific problem, write to support@ryzom.com and ask it.

Lot in to chats through megacorp.io and ask in Uni.

Log onto the IRC chat channels #ryzomforge and #ryzomsupport and ask there. (I include #ryzomforge because many of the people contributing to the Forge are also on Ubuntu.)

Post your specific question in the Support Forums for Linux.


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For technical questions, there is a forum under Forums->Technical Support/Web Apps Bugs->Mutual GNU/Linux , where Linux related questions (thus also Ubuntu, of course) are appropriate and best found.

For immediate contact in irc (given someone is on), there is a channel under https://webchat.freenode.net?channels=ryzomlinux . The other channels Bittty named are ok and relevant, too. You may join more than one of them using the /join <#channelname> command when connected to webchat.freenode.net or irc from an irc client.

Otherwise, Uni Chat is ok as well, and good chance to meet somebody with more or less knowledge about the topic.


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Welcome Cornrow :-)

I hope you get your Ubuntu sorted out soon - the Bark awaits . . .


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Thanks everyone :)

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Welcome Cornrow! I hope you have been able to sort out your problems with Ubuntu.

The only suggestion I can give you is to check and see if you are using 64 bit or 32 bit. There may be a download for 64 bit.



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Welcome :)

I'm using Ubuntu too ;)


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