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Select "Amber Tracking" .
"Deposit Tracking" stanza is the one that enables tracking. In english, it has mention of deposit and that deposit may contain multiple resources and without "filters" you may not get want you want. Amber is one such filters



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Everone has an opinion, and of course are entitled to have one, but others are equally entitled to decide whether they choose to agree or disagree. Acting like a complete Muppet isn't likely going to change minds or win support :)

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Carmy, tyvm. As a newby I was getting frustrated with prospecting... your explanation helped a lot. Thanks!

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Analagous to locating areas containing sources, then prospecting to bring sources to the surface then digging i find the similar phenomena, locating (say) plants to kill in order to uplevel melee.

In such a case one consults BM or other info about where to go to find suitable high (or low) level plants based on ones current melee level, then one goes to the suggested area(s) to then either simply wander about looking for any such plants, or one speeds up the process by now and again using /target (plantname) in hopes of locating a nearest such plant.

When so or so a first such plant has been reached, then consider the following: for that and every other such plant when found, you set a flag in the M map to mark its location ... that makes finding them an other time (or after their respawn) easier then it was the first time finding them.

The result of such flagging out of their locations, seen in the M map: a cluster of such flags marking (1) the bounds of the area in which they be located .... (2) the specific locations of those various 'sources' (in this case of loot instead of material dug up out of the ground) ... (3) actually killing the individual plants is then the melee analog process to digging up mats at individual popped sources.

I hope that comparison will help some homin(a) better understand the foraging process ... i, personally, find it helpful to so compare the two processes ... 8)

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It takes the right mixture of elements to make a potato, sunshine,water, soil, nutrients etc.
With patience, the right attitude and training, one day you could be a potato!!
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