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#1 Multilingual 

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Shaley Nara carefully opened the workshop door... and dropped immediately to the ground. Above her, a rocket passed at top spead and rushed into the lift. It had fortunately no time to go any further since, with a little moist "plop", the rear part split open and the main part crashed to the floor without any other damage. Crystabell's Kard'al carefully stood up while Riffy Rithy hurried to gather the missile: "I was so sure it would work this time!".

Shaley dusted her outfit. She wasn't sure that questioning this pyrotechnist was such a good idea, after all. Especially as he was already back to his worktable and scrutinizing the remains of the rocket as if she hadn't been there at all. She hesitated at turning around and her gaze fell on a bit of half-burned parchment, which had apparently fallen at the same time as the rocket in the lift. She picked it up absent-mindedly. The elegent letters caught her attention. It was definitively not Riffy who had written this.

« Riffy ? »
No answer. The pyrotechnist was muttering to himself while searching his workshop jumble.
« Riffy ! »
He started decanted a strange green powder into a wooden container.
« RI-FFY ! »
Endly Riffy jumped: "Eh? What? You shouldn't make me jump like that, nair-Kard'al! 'specially when I'm handling powder.
- What's this?"
Shaley handed him the parchment bit.
"Oh, it's really easy! You see, for the whole powder to ignite more or less at the same time...
- An! This name! Dally Ba... Who's that?"
Riffy looked at the Kard'al. Then at the paper. Then at the Kard'al again. Visibly puzzled. His stunned look was laughable and the Kard'al hid a smile with difficulty.
Finally, light turned on: "Oh... Oy! It's a Matis who was interested in Dally Baily..."
Riffy started to turn back but Shaley stopped him:
- No idea. Maybe they want to rename the Company of Bravichi into the Company of Dally... 'dont think it will make much interest for Be'doyty Libby anywy, it's not her her style...
- What's the link?
- Mmh?" Riffy was once again plunged in the depths of his rocket.
"What's the link between Be'doyty Libby and Dally Baily?
- She's his grand-daughter, if I recall correctly. Or maybe his niece... well, one of his kin..."
Shaley thought. Now that Riffy was speaking about it, she had heard about the Matis researches. They had asked questions when their Karae had visited the Lakes, and then... And then, time and beer had flown, and no one had probably taken care of answering them.
"What was the name of the Matis? .... Riffy? RI-FFY?
- What?
- The name of the Matis? You remember it?
- Eh? An, an..."
The pyrotechnist was gone once again in his word of sparks and lights. Shaley sighted. Easiest way was probably to write to the Karae, or to any scribe of her Court, and to let them manage to pass the news. Although... Letting them meet Be'doyty Libby was maybe not any safer than visiting Riffy Rithy.
With a last look to the inventor, she went back to the lift.

An = no, in tryker language
Oy = yes

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#2 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Français | [English]
Letter from Shaley Nara to the Court of the Karae
To the members of the Court of the Karae Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani, lordoy

During your visit in our land, you showed interest of one of ours, Dally Baily. A member of his family is still living in Crystabel. Her name is Be'doyty Libby.
Yet I want to warn you that she has unusual and potentially dangerous interests.

Respectfully yours,
Shaley Nara, kard'al of Crystabell

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