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Since the Anlor Winn update, me and many others, have experienced frequent crashes, especially near the city gates and when interacting with a witch. The client crashes with "memory access error". It happens when: killing aggro zombie mob, clicking the witch, buy potions from the witch, and clicking that potion. I hope the broken patchlets will be removed as it is a very frequent issue. Happens on all systems. Mine is 64 bit Linux Debian.

#2 [en] 

Unfortunately crashes are related to this bug in client issue-250.

The fact that it works in windows is bad luck. Different memory managers handle this bug differently.

Patchlet contains shapes and textures and is fine. Using 'Special bag' is what should be avoided under linux/mac until new client is released.



#3 [en] 

For the witch and potions please read official news, especially this post as it has already been fixed


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