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Congratulation! How long did that take?


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Not sure about that but it might be couple of months since the progress was a bit slow on some and also took some breaks from it (i.e training other skill for some change:) )


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A very impressive achievement :-)  You have my admiration and respect.  I wonder - has it ever been done before?


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yes rollocks, some time ago


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Nerwane completed it as well, and me, too.

I have to add that this achievement is easier for neutrals than for those in a faction, as there are no -100 fames to work off nor +100 fames to gain. Some have to be brought to +80, and some to be worked off -80. Matis have the additional problem that Ancient Dryads are -100 for them regardless what's their faction.

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True. Also true that after you made it from -100 t0 +50 making it from -100 to say +80 is only couple of days missions. :-) At least IMHO that is.


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