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Well I decided to get a second monitor and run 2 at once, for fun. The problem is, that there is a back ground FPS limiter. So what i mean is when one of the windows gets switched to background, such as i switch between the 2 game windows, the one in the background limits it fps, to like 10. My hard ware is quite capable of running 2 at a time, I could run more like 4 or 5 at a time. I tried the ingame configure settings, and the one if the ryzom folder, but there is no setting for a Back ground FPS limiter. Nvm It isnt a FPS limiter, its because Ryzom only starts up using one processor, so i changed it to use all 4, and split it between the 4 and it works now.

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There are a few programs you can use to make it auto use all cores. I like THG Task Assign


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Actually on bmsite ( ) at the top you got game clients now, I noticed the last dev one for windows uses all 8 cores by default on my lappy (there are some probs I have with it tough like trees moving kind of wrong and stuff)
Otherwise if you don't want to use that clients just start task manager and set clients affinity to all your cores (has to be done each time and for each client if you don't use a prog)


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"bill2's process manager" is very handy and easy to use for anyone that's used windows task manager, and once you create a rule you never have to look at it again.

and yes, by default they will all run on the same single core, and when running more then one client it's best to assign one client to each core, sometimes when telling them all to run on all cores you will still notice performance hits on the background clients.

just my two dappers (i run more then 1 client all the time, at least 3 {unless at an OP war, SN, or boss hunting, which i then leave behind my alts to wait for my return to everyday pve})



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I use WinAFC, which is a free program that reads a text file to assign processes to cores. (I only have two cores, so my effective limit is two clients.) The processes have to have different names or source directories so that the program can recognize them, but I use a different directory tree for each client anyway, so that was easy.

Just another solution.


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Process Lasso also works.


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