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Uni is a good place to ask for help. If you explain that you are in Silan it's less likely that you are linked to bm. Even if you do get, the conversation doesn't have to end there. If you explain that bm doesn't have the details you are looking for you'll probably get more help in uni. If you disappear after the bm tip, the people in uni will think you got all the info you wanted. There are some times that there are not many people in uni, but usually players get answers to anything they wish to know. It can however be hard to provide good tips when you don't know either the mission or the issue with it. But hopefully Talkirc's major project will help.


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karu, can the static maps on bmsite be shared via links?
Yes you can link to static maps images. Thats the reason it exists ;-)



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i really look forward to the future in this game and once i've reached level 50 in everything i think i'll be ready for the main land.

Ryzom awards XP based on the relative levels of your skill and the challenge you faced, whether it be mob killed, mats dug, or items crafted.

For fighting mobs, max XP is achieved by hitting a mob 20 levels above you. Fighting mobs your own level will get you about one-third the maximum XP, and it drops pretty rapidly from there. That means that you Melee and Elemental (Offensive magic) skills will be slow to get past 40.

For healing (Defensive Magic) it's even worse as you can't really build that up unless you either team up, which nerfs XP, or make extensive use of Defensive Afflictions, which will likely be nerfed as your melee/ele skills will likely be higher.

Whenter for magic or melee, you will quickly hit a point where the Kiro boss is the only thing that will even award XP.

Digging to 50 is a slow, arduous affair in Silan, in part because there are certain stanzas that speed digging that are utterly unavailable in Silan.

Crafting on Silan is limited by the mats available. Dug mats are, at best, q45 Fine, and the only item that can be crafted from the only q50 mats of a dead Kirosta are shields.

All in all, trying to get all 50s in Silan takes long enough to get tedious, and won't really benefit you as much on Mainland as you'd think. If you come to Mainland around level 30, you will have enough opportunities to advance that you'll could hit level 50 in at least melee and magic in a night instead of a month.

Trying to get to lvl 50 in Silan before coming to Mainland is like waiting to hit puberty before going from Kindergarten to first grade. While is is possible to come over too early, that is more a matter of player skill than of character level. By the time you complete the four main mission trees and get the swords and amps from the Fight and Magic missions, you're tough enough to make Mainland.


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I agree with Gidget 100%.


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The battles always choose
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i also agree that staying in silan beyond what's required to do all the missions (chaing ask's for you to have a fight or magic skill of level 30) is over-kill with little reward. don't do like i did and attempt to reach that insane goal of 50 in everything, you'll be there for years as a casual player, and months if your addicted to ryzom and play hours and hours a day.

karu: great i'll start working on things soon, i'll have a million screen shot's to take since i want to make guides for all missions, and create a better guide on how to do some of the things that ryzom doesn't clearly explain graphically (txt isn't always clear, so i'll make pictures with my words)


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