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The sounds of homins shouting and the thwack of training staves whistling through the air filled the place. Homins and hominas fought together inside the fenced in training area West of the Marauder Camp. The homins fought in teams of two, but sometimes they brawled in all-out battles. A homin walked along the fence shouting instructions on how they should move, dodge or attack to the opponent; he kept an eye on every battle complimenting andcorrecting equally. 

One of the training homins was hit on the thigh and fell down on his knees, propping himself up on his long staff to avoid hitting the ground. Breathing heavily he tried to recover his energy, after a month of daily training he couldn´tlast long. With the staff holding all his weight he closed his eyes, trying to focus on his breathing, but something hit him strongly on his side, knocking him down. Ignoring the pain he looked around to reproach the despicable behaviour of attacking someone while he rests and to demand an apology. 

He spotted an axe coming to his neck and he threw himself to the ground, he rolled and jumped to his feet at the same time the axe hit the ground. He saw the attacker: Cecus, his mentor. Cecus carried such an intense and serious air in battle that everything around him became serious. The most innocent laugh became a shrill scream, the most innocent yubo appeared the most violent torbak. Cecus pounced on the homin with a one handed axe in his right hand, slashing downward from left to right with his axe. The homin blocked his attack and maneuvered his staff around the axe to take a swing at Cecus' head. He was too slow and Cecus slammed his elbow into the homin's face. The homin fell, his face covered in blood. Cecus snatched a pistol from his waist and aiming at the homins head, he said:

—Defeated! Damn it! Stand up and tell me your mistake!
—I doubted my strength. 
—Exactly! You let your mind defeat you and you lost the fight. Your mind must be strong and your body will follow. 

Cecus helped the homin up:

—That´s it, stand up— Cecus walked to the center of the training area— Listen everyone! We have been training long and soon your new equipment will arrive. Training time is almost over and only the best among you will earn the right to become Aktimoskain. Focus! We have to protect this encampment! NO MORE WEAKNESS! FIGHT!

The future guards roared in unison, rumbling from deep within their chests as they returned to their training. Cecus smiled and returned to his work, pleased that all will be ready for 7h - Quarta, Germinally 10, 1st AC 2584*.

(*)[OOC] Monday, 20 July 2015 09:30:00 UTC (5 years ago). The first phase of improvements to the marauder camp will be implemented during the next Reboot. Any issues, bugs, feedback or suggestions should be sent to gaueko@ryzom.com . [/OOC] 

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