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People, i'm having problems to run Ryzom in my new pc.

I've installed it normally, but once i patched it, it's crashes with some kind of client error and don't let me do other thing then closing the game before even i could log it in.

I tried installing the Direct X version suggested here, but it also didn't work and i do not know what to do.

Please, i have to take my old computer (with working ryzom) to my sister, but i do would like to play it in this new...

It's a Windows 7, 64bits...

Edit.: The error says that it's in the line 402, file: Z:\home\nevrax\code\nel\src\3d\driver\direct3d\driver_direct3d_sh ade

Function nam: NL3D::setFX
Reason: "drv-activeShader(&s)"

No log

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Make sure that Win 7 isn't "correcting" your installation of Direct X 9c Good luck.

Also, Ryzom is a 32bit client, but that ought to take care of itself. I have the same basic OS + processor you have, and it's working.


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Yes, it's working now. I just installed other games, and one of them put the DirectX in it's correct place, so Ryzom got back to its good form. Tanks for your attention, Bitty.
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