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Searching the history of Atys, more exactly the Leanon branch, for traces of the Atys Rangers, I found the following which is probably the earliest recorded mentioning, an announcement of an official event, by "Geist von Atys" (equivalent of Rumours of Atys on Arispotle, literally "Spirit of Atys"):
The "Appeal of the Atys Rangers" (Aufruf der Atys Rangers) Appeal from November 29, 2005
Here a translation:
"Rumours of Atys"
Appeal of the "Atys Rangers"
Homis of Atys!
While the past is unfolding into an uncertain future, I bring a message from the head of "Atys Rangers".
Homins, we members of the guild of "Atys Rangers" would like to speak to you about a matter of utmost importance. I apologize for the short notice, but dark times are looming, and I have a warning for you that does not permit to be postponed.
I ask you to gather with us on Wednesday the eighth hour of the evening (30.11., 20h) on "Dragonspine Stronghold" outpost in Outlaw Canyon.
Please do not ignore this warning and appear numerously!

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A recording of the assembly may be found (in German language) in the Ryzom (Leanon) History Archive by Nendra from House Malakaii - according to Nendra in Fallenor 4AC, 2531.
Session transcript

Following a translation of Orphie's speech:
Han Kiou and Orphie Dradius
*Orphie indicates by a movement of her hand that she wants to start speaking
Hankiou: Show respect to our leader. The head of our guild is most respected by us, treat her accordingly. Those who prove unable to behave will be removed!
*Hankiou looks around sternly .. nods to Orphie
Orphie: Greetings, Homins and thank you for your presence, given the short note of our announcement. First, we would like to introduce us to you, some of who may already know us from your travels around Atys
*Orphie points at her companions
Orphie: We are the "Atys Rangers" and we have one objective: forever to end the threat of the kitins for hominity. My name is Orphie Dradius, head of the Rangers, at at present leader of the "Atys Rangers".
My friends here are Ranger quartermaster Melga Folgore *Orphie points at Melga* ..
*Melga looks around with a cold glance
.. and the scouts Wilk Potskin *ponts at Wilk* and Han Kiou *points at Hankiou, Hankiou nods* , some of our best fighters and scouts.
I want to begin by telling a bit about the background of our order. Some of you may already have seen members of our order in the past, helping new refugeees in need of assistance and advice for their future lives.
Nevertheless, the "Atys Rangers" have a further, much more important task about which I am going to tell you now. The "Atys Rangers" were founded by a group of courageous homins short after the great swarming, fighting alongside with the Karavans against the kitins. We have never been sure to have finally won the war against the kitins, so we went on killing there scouts and to observe and document their movements in order to be able to give better assistance to homins in case of increased pressure from the side of the kitins.
*Orphie raises her voice
The kitins have not been defeated. They have only been pushed back for a while, and we should never forget threats of the past.
* Orphie makes a short break to let her words take
The "Atys Rangers" have been handpicked and are masters in their work, for which they have been thoroughly trained a long while. There are few kitin activities we are not informed about.
The order develops its plans permanently and designs new schedules for the safety of the homin peoples in case of a possible new invasion.
*Orphie marches along the rows of the assembly. Her voice is calm again but increasingly determined.
We believe that the homins have to put aside their recent quarrels and unite due to the threat from outside they have to fend off together. Your gods created dissent and conflict among you and made you forget the real threat, the graceless and pityless kitins.
If our peoples managed to put aside spite and hatred in the past, why not now?
Homins! I am sorry to have to present you these bad news, but they are the reason why we decided to inform you about our real objectives. The times when we were hiding in the shadows are gone, because we have discovered the threat menacing our lands.
Kami and Karavans, by their selfishness, reawakened the kitin threat and brought it back into our lands! Our scouts in the prime roots found out that a large number of high ranking kitins are gathering their armies in Almati woods. They are full of anger and hatred caused by the activities of the crazy temple builders. How foolish are your so called deities? The whole planet is now in jeopardy and none of your homes and families is safe anymore.
*Orphie takes a deep breath and continues
During the long years of reconstruction we worked and hoped that the kitins were defeated though we were in doubt about all times. Now we observe large groups gathering. The kitins have been stirred up by the inconsiderate actions of those who should have been aware of the dangers. Now it is on us to bear the consequences.
There is nothing left to us than standing together as brothers and sisters and jointly end the menace once and forever. We must put aside all thought of dissent and hatred and unite to save our peoples and to secure our future. Should we fail, a time of war, losses, and death will be in the offing.
Brothers and sisters, are you ready to oppose the kitin threat, together with the "Atys Rangers"? If so, prepare well, and maybe soon you may proudly wear the title of an „Atys Ranger“!
• Orphie bows respectfully and turns to leave

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Merci pour ce morceau de mémoire que tu nous fait partager, Daomei. Notre animateur responsable des rangers est-il au courant?


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