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Good news: Tamarea received an application e-mail from a translator to Russian (to which she still haven't answered yet because she was sick).
Most important translations should be again be done in russian!

We're still looking for translators / correctors to English (3 FR => EN), to German (2), to Spanish (2), to Russian (2) and to French (2).

Naema was insterested in proofreading (EN) last week. But Lyne doesn't know if it was only on Wiki or on Ryzom also.

Lore group

1-Wiki lore: work on the chronicles and the tribes

[Zendae] Everything is progressing slow but steady. Regarding the translation, when I'm importing a chronicle I don't consider yet if it is done in the other languages. Well, I shortly stopped doing it, it was already difficult to assimilate the FR organisation. First thing, have the pages entered, Then plub-up the organisation. It remains something of a low rythme, something like a page a day. If others enjoy reading the Lore, there's work left to do. :)

2- Moving the documents from the Kaghanat wiki to the one of RF: what do we do?

[Zatalyz] I hope we can discuss it a bit here. As Zendae mentionned it to me, writing twice the articles would also require to pass on the changes on both sides. It will be a lot of work to create, then to maintain. I belive the most "economical" way (to to spare the volunteers) would be to mage pages with a link to the other wiki. For example, a page on "creating a mission" on the RF wiki, which lists all the pages allowing to do that on the Khaganat wiki (with keywords to find the page).

[Osquallo] There's nothing preventing someone to migrate everything on RF if one has the time one day.  But I'd be in favour of creating the next ones on RF side. It's more directly related to this side. : If there is the opportunity of course.
[Zatalyz] Osquallo: on the question "on which wiki it will be", it will depend on who's writing the documentation... I prefer for the documentation to be done, without constraining on one system or the other, due to the syntax differences.

[Tamarea] How to manage the translations?
[Zatalyz] There's everything needed to translate on Khaganat. There's already EN/FR, other langages can be added easily if we have translators (It will take me 30 minutes, time to find back the right option ^^). Zatalyz: And it's a wiki, so everyone can correct :) (you just need to register, because of bots... sorry). For example, on a page such as this one  https://khaganat.net/wikhan/en:primitivemissiondocdestroy_item: at the top right corner of the page, there's something to change the language, and move to the FR version of the article (this one is translated :p ) : *a drop-down menu.

[Zorroargh] As for the translations, we have too few resources. I believe we should give priority to English for the technical documentations: developers are already used to english jargon. And save the other translations to what is "history": lore, events, etc.
[Remigra] A beautiful site, not very helpful but unfortunately for me, as I'll probably not really understand it myself in German ^^ I think if I would understand, I would much further ^^  but I meant as the previous speaker, that they must be in English, after all, this is the most understood language. so before Ranging.
[Lyne] I don't fully agree that the technical documentation shouldn't be translated in other languages thant EN. First, there are people not fluent enough in English, but who could help, even without being developers themselves. Second, as a translator, I sometime appreciate translating technical things: it's often simpler than convoluted chronicles.
[Zorroargh] I wanted to precise that I didn't say that it was not to be translated. I'm a lot more at ease and efficient in FR than in EN. But if we're low on people, we'll have to give priority to the translations effort where the players understand less (stories), and give priority to English for technical documentations. I don't wish it but it's a technical analysis: there are too few of us.
[Remigra] Now we see it that way, Latin is the language of mediziener, and english is actually the language of the devs, if I'm not mistaken (world ^^) certainly I would wish the translation of technical things, I also spoke to others, but as already mentioned, we have a few recorcen and have in this regard unfortunately make concessions: / We are no longer limited to devs from a country, which is why it is the Common Language is to use I think. and this is in dev beings after all the English I mean.

[Osquallo] I'm in favour of writing first on RF if possible and add a link. Anyhow, even when translating, it's not instantaneous, so we'll need a link to the original page
 *Zorroargh nods in agreement.
[Osquallo] : The Khanat > RF link is less problematic. Peoples from Khanat know they'll come on RF, but the topic is Ryzom and these pages are useful to all the ones approaching Ryzom. So that's were it should mainly be findable.

[Lyne] I come back to the first question: writing the pages twice, or giving a link. I think the link is a more efficient solution. Whatever its direction (Kh -> RF or RF -> Kh). But I see one advantage at writing the pages twice. Not doing it systematically, but giving the opportunity. There are people who come on this channel or the forum syaing "I don't know anything but I want to help". Let's propose to them to migrate these pages: the list is known. It will allow them to discover the wiki syntax. And then they can move to the chronicles. Or the code... It's making them enter in the RF world.

[Tamarea] So we have three choices:
1-Move everything from the Khaganat wiki to the RF one.
2-Let the already written documents on Khaganat and just add the links on RF + continue writing these documents on Khaganat.
3-Let the already written documents on RF + write the next ones on RF (with a link to Khaganat).
 I agree with Osquallo in the idea that all documents regarding Ryzom sholud be first written on RF wiki, which is the central wiki of this free project (as much as its equivalent on Ryzom Core side).
[Lyne] Et 4 - Laisser les documents déjà écrits + écrire les prochains où on veut (selon celui qui les écrit) mais en pensant à mettre un lien de l'autre côté.

[Zatalyz] On my side... Thanks for tonight talk, it helps me seeing more clearly. I agree on the fact that if it regards Ryzom, it's better on Ryzom. But I also know that we'll have more work done by giving a choice to peoples. Zatalyz: I'm in favour on solution 4, by moving myself to make the links, it should be fine... And I will also write the tutorial on how to transfer from one wiki to the other. As Lyne said it, it's a good start for the ones who don't know what to do.  So, it won't necessarily be in two-copies soon (maybe never), but it will be possible. *Zatalyz: And I'm not in favor of a "transfer", in the sense of "everything on one side or the other exclusively".  Repetition also allows to increase the chances for it to remain online. And I also hope that the differences which will appear (in the style, in the details) will allow the ones who are searching to find "their" way. Myself, when following a technical tutorial, I always have several sources to hand, between  which I alternate ^^ We don't have to get a pure clone...

[Zorroargh] I just wanted to draw attention on the fact that double maintenance would also require resources. I'm a lot more in favour of having only one version wherever it is. That's all. (Even if I'm sharing Zatalyz point of view regarding the perfect clones).
[Tamarea] Zorroargh: any preference on where to put this version?
[Zorroargh] RF from my point of view.

3-Home page, portals, categories, and contents of the DE, EN, EF, FR and RU Lore wikis

The FR Lore wiki is going fine, but it's the only one: without administrators and contributors, the DE, EN, ES and RU wikis will die. And havint only one FR wiki is not to be wished for a multilingual community.  It is urgent for volunteers to make themselves known!
[Osquallo] Just wanted to say that I discussed in game with EN and DE who would have liked to get all the chronicles and events we had on our side, translated in their language
[Tamarea] With more translators, it would become possible. But we also need absolutely administrators and contributors for these wikis.  Zendae finds that adding a text per day is few, but it means 30 per month, incidentally! If the EN and DE chronicles (already translated) were moved on the wiki and added in categorieds, it would be a good start.


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