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Je copie/colle ici le retour d'un joueur sur le jeu, avec son autorisation. Il y a plusieurs pistes intéressantes sur lesquelles Ryzom Forge pourrait travailler, notamment recenser les pages sur Ryzom qu'un joueur potentiel peut lire, et qui sont périmées / à remettre à jour.

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I found Ryzom here: (these user comments convinced me to start the download).

I tried to find out more before I started a download of a few GB, here (and
And this page is horrible and completely outdated. If this one had been the only page I read about Ryzom I would never ever have tested it.

And there I see the major problem, how Ryzom looks to the world (to the Internet).

It's nearly invisible and there is a lot of outdated and confusing information spread, but nearly no information about recent stuff, server merge, the no more existent Ring is mentioned everywhere, prices are higher than they really are....

So Ryzom looks to the outside world like it's dead or they have never heard of it at all.

Not completely invisible, it's in Mac AppStore, but why there isn't the latest version? At least on my Mac 2.1 is more stable. (I already wrote a good German review there) I heard/read rumours you plan to go steam, would be good as well.

But first you should try clean up the information mess, at least at the most important spots like wikipedia.

If you are too low on workforces involve the community more, make crowd sourcing more organized as it actually seems to me.

Make regular artwork/programming/writing contest on topics where stuff is needed, let users vote, give special digital stuff to the contest winner, maybe give sub vouchers for big/important work (avoid worldwide postal shipment, avoid rewards for posting reviews on third party sites).

Encourage the other users who like this game like I do, to make more Youtube videos, to write recent reviews and spread them, to find sources of wrong/outdated/confusing information about Ryzom and report them to 
someone who can take care.

Maybe a better name for the Communication forum section in Ryzom Forge would be Marketing, it describes more precise it's use.

This is the place where much has to be done. And already good stuff in there. :)

And care more for new player, create a section for new players in the forum, collect links and tutorials there, It is really hard for new player to find the written information they are looking for. Big parts of the Ryzom wiki are outdated and/or incomplete, information in forum is more complete, but harder to find. Bmsite is really good and seems to be up to date. :)

Maybe integrate the good/useful parts of the wiki in an own forum section and remove the wiki, this would allow people instantly discuss wiki topics and search forum and wiki-forum entries at once.

The most easy way to find what I am looking for is to go in uni and ask, this community is most amazing I ever stumbled in.

Hopefully we can help Ryzom to better visibility. The more people come to Ryzom to test it, the more will know about it's existence and tell others and bring them. Social networking is very important, it's actually in some areas already replacing classical advertising.

No matter they are free players, all players the free and subbed are equally important.


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