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A notice has been put up in the three fyros cities:
Patriots and inhabitants of the Empire of the Burning Desert,

At 9h - Dua, Thermis 2, 2nd AC 2583 (*) the former counselor of the sharükos, Epus Xalaus, will use the opportunity of a trading caravan leaving Pyr and heading to Zora to leave the sharük. With this he answers the judgement of exile, rendered by sharükos Lykos after the Atreus trial. Our sharükos has allowed the patriots to escort the former counselor to his new domicile.
The caravan will gather at the south gate of Pyr.

Boen Eunix,
Imperial Herald

(*) [OOC] Tuesday, 2 June 2015 19:00:00 UTC (5 years ago) [/OOC]

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