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Jen-Laï's future stele is ready but it still need to be exported from Blender to 3DsMax before it can be integrated ingame. Who could take care of this task please?

Small note: Be sure you are downloading this file with file extension ".zip" or rename it afterwards to open/extract.

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I have done the export of the stele under 3ds max and then to Nel.

I have just made some change, mostly on texture, to make a summer and winter version of the skin and a try to show the text directly on the model.

Big size

With text

Little size

With text

preview of the winter skin

The name list have been validated on assembly,
but add more is very easy and only ask to do a picture with the text only,
the fabric under are on another texture so no need to edit it
(except if we need more space for the text)

In hope to see it on the bark !

Ps: be aware that it's for the french city (jen laï) and is part of french event and for those who don't speak french,
it's a Commemorative stele in memories of homins lost after the second great swarm.

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#3 [de] 

Die Version mit text und rotem Tuch, am Mittelteil, finde ich persönlich am besten, doch würde ich als schrift wieder diese Zorai Piktogramme nutzen :)



"Decateis I Kamirac" "Necateis Sye Mideshye"
"Decateis I Loke" "Necateis Atys Morhdeis"
"I Nidran Sye Alede E Sye Neyde Ilya Necateis I Ulca"

"Liberi I`Margus"

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