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Communication Group

Zatalyz has started a subject on the forum, to see if people would be interested in the backstages of the game (interviews), but it didn't get any answer: http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/22830/15 5345#155345

- To hep with the communication, there is the forum (http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=forum/view/3918 ), with some good ideas, and Ryzo Forge's IRC channel.
- Don't hesitate to ask the teams about the content which could be published on the official website: Artworks, 3D or 2D WIP, main additions of the Lore to the wiki, big incoming events... We'd need for the official site and the Facebook page to have regular content.
- Remigra wrote a nice text on the forum. With the translation. It can be sent on English and French speaking sites, if someone is interested

The anonymous of the group
Communciation is quite a huge field. Actually, the people who take time to welcome newomers on Silan, the ones who speak on the generic MMORPG forums, etc, are acting as communicators, be them aware of it or not. Or by taking time to see how the teams are working, motivating the ones who're there to work. There are in every linguistic community some "exchanges helpers", but few of them want an official role. Nonetheless, they're doing much without appearing to.

Official site
[Zatalyz] The official site can be changed, except for the forum? I thought changing some pages was blocked? If nothing changed lately, we're really stuck on this. By the way, the disclaimer and CGU (using conditions?) have still not been added on the official site... 

Event Group 

Nothing new.

Lore Group

Lore wiki
- The topics about the two previous tribes are done (but not officially validated yet), the work about the tribe of the Hamazans of the Deed is at the last step of writing, and the next tribes on the shelf are: Shadow Runners and Ecowarriors.
- The graphic team is finishing, for the Lore team, a validation stamp which will ornate the wiki articles validated by the members of the Lore validation. It's a WIP, but it should look a bit like this: https://lut.im/mLiTCOIe/2lFrEHdk (it's forbidden to use it without the authorisation of said validators, who should be 4, under NDA).

Primary Lore
- On the NDA side, there are three members working on the "primary" Lore in oder to settle the Lore more precisely, and give it the foundations it deserves. This in close relationships with the small part of original authors of the Lore, in order to keep (and sometime come back to) the original spirit of the Lore (said "monkial", for the initiates).
- The NDA team working on the "primary" and the RF Lore volunteers are then both taking the Lore by an end, to recreate a complete lorian corpus, and meet in the middle, the whole of it under the leadership and validation of the 4 validators (the ones with the stamp).

Support Group

[Tiximei] No special requests from the support team. We are really happy to watch the activity in the ryzom forge project and cheer on you all. The support team is not so much about instigating changes, but to take care of the player with the ever changing world of Atys. What the support team really needs is to be made aware of changes and events going on at any given time.

Translation Team

Translation of the rites
[Wiedii] The ARK team would like for an English translation of the rites to be done BEFORE the Level Design gives them. So with the risk that you may sometimes have to adjust the dialogs later, so work again on the translation. Does it bother you or do you prefer to have everything at the end, once it's stabilised?
[Drumel] I'd prefer to have the things bit by bit.
[Lyne] Same as Drumel: I'd prefer to do it gradually, even if I've got to redo it sometimes, rather than having to do everything at the same time. It may mean more works in the end, but it's easier to include it in my schedule.

Translation of Lore wiki
- Please wait for the Lore articles on the public wiki to have the validation stamps, since even if they are published on the wiki, they can still change.
- Having an easy list of articles to translate on the wiki, with priorities, would be fine. Currently, eveything is a bit in a mess, and you never know where to start.

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