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hello, many french player don"t have the vocabulary for explain a bug in this forum, can you make this same section for french communauty? thank alot.


I guess, that you think gamebugs should report here and because of that you have a problem with only-english?

Please note, that this isn't a forum for game-bugs. This forum is only for bugs, comments etc. relating to the ingame-forum and the web applications. For further particulars i refer you to sywindts lasts post. :)


Arispotle is the English-language server. There is also a French-language server -- were you aware of that?

The best place for bug-reports is actually the in-game ticket writer (accessible through "Help"). I suspect that at least some of the people reading those tickets know French.

-- Bittty

edit: And Sontje got an answer in before I did, saying much the same things. :)

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This particular forum (bugs, comments, suggestions) is shared across all shards I think (hence the "english only" announcement).


French person was saying that they cannot describe forum and web-app bugs very well in English, because they aren't very good with the English language, methinks. So they are asking for a similar section in French.


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A common forum for problems is more appropriate I think. If you need some support in french for bug... there is a french support team ;)


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