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Dear Homins!

Strange things are going on in Avendale! Bolobis have come out of Loria and staggered into the city! The merchants are upset and the city guards are clueless about the reasons of this strange invasion.

The famous hunter Arghan Kiley and FISHES (*) scientist Be'Arroy Arty will meet the homins at Mystia 15, 1st AC 2583 (**) at Avendale stables to investigate this surprising incident.

(*) Foundation for the Investigation of Scientific, Heuristic and Engineering Solutions
(**) Sunday, 10 May 2015 19:00:00 UTC (5 years ago)

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Article published in a Tryker Newspaper:
Bolobis everywhere! 
They stagger through the city of Avendale, accidentally destroying the booths of merchants as they pass! 

To quote one of the merchants who we asked: "Do you feel disturbed by their sounds?" "WHAT?" "DO YOU FEEL DISTURBED?" *Takes the stinga moss out of the ears.* "What did you say?"

You see, the situation is serious! Brave homins met together with the hunter Arghan Kiley and engineer Be'Arroy Arty to investigate this incident. Indeed they found out what it was that brought the creatures right into the city center! The peaceful primitive tribe of the Cuzans, celebrate a festival once every couple of years, offering the Bolobis some good lakeland beer. The Bolobis sleep in and start to snore and there's nothing that the Cuzans love more than the sound of snoring Bolobis. But this time, it was not beer inside the barrels, by accident it was Stinga rum! And now the Bolobis are staggering all over Loria and adjacent regions! How to drive them out of the city?

For the Tryker engineers the solution is obvious: Let's scare them off with a mechanical beast! There's not much Bolobis fear, but for sure the Kincher named Gerder is terrifying even for them. But will the artifical Gerder work as intended?

Derry O'Darren
Tryker chronist
2nd Atys Cycle Year of Jena 2583

The siege of Avendale: to build a Kincher: Monday, 18 May 2015 19:00:00 UTC (5 years ago)

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I have the pleasure to announce that the construction of the mechanical Gerder to solve our problem is about to begin! All I need are some more Kincher materials of any kind (Q200+) and some wood (any kind, Lakelands, choice, Q200+) for the framework. You will find one my assistants next to Avendale stables to accept your materials and to inform you what is still needed.

Thanks for your help!

Be'Arroy Arty,
Engineer for the FISHES society

#4 [fr] 

Ok pas de problème pour les matériaux, mais combien en faut il?^^


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