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"Oren pyr, patriots!

The trial of the homin Atreus, who claimed to be sharükos Dexton, has come to an end and sharükos Lykos has come to a judgement about those who have supported this homin. Our sharükos will speak to his people on Folially 17, 1st AC 2583 (*) in front of the main stairs of the Imperial Palace in Pyr.

Oren fyraï!

Aeryx Xan
Supreme Justice"

(*) [OOC] Tuesday, 28 April 2015 19:00:00 UTC (5 years ago). This will be a short political announcement event of approximately 20 minutes suited for all levels. [/OOC]

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Speech of Aeryx Xan:
oren pyr!

The trial of the homin Atreus, who claimed to be sharükos Dexton, returned from the dead, has come to an end.

After long investigations, interrogations and consultations, sharükos Lykos has reached a judgement about those dignitaries of the Empire who have supported this homin, since the beginning or for a long time in secret, and thus acted against the reign of the sharükos and damaged the pillars of Truth, Honor and Discipline.

There is another announcement I need to make. Some days ago, Atreus, uncle of sharükos Lykos and younger brother of sharükos Dexton, passed away. He succumbed to the sufferings of old age, weakened by the royal disease. Our sharükos and his mother were with him when he died and sharükos Lykos has granted him a funeral in Pyr.

Malos, the time of uncertainty is over, this chapter is closed. Before the sharükos himself declares his judgements about the accused, he allows Burning Master Decalion Krilus to speak to you.

Speech of Decalion Krilus:
oren pyr, sharükos Lykos, celiakos, malos.

I'm not a homin of many words. Since 2513 I have acted as the Burning Master of the Burning Faces whose task is to function as the personal life guard of the Emperor. Although I have restored my honor in the eyes of my sharükos, I cannot risk that the shame I put upon my shoulders casts a shadow on the Burning Faces. So, I hereby declare my retirement as the Burning Master and as a member of the Burning Faces.
akash i talen!

Speech of sharükos Lykos:
orak i akash, talen i rechten, celiakos, akenak i malos!

A fire burns within us. That fire gives us strength, passion, the will of survival, and heats up our blood. But it also threatens to consume our minds, to blind us, to scorch us if we do not keep it in boundaries. It must not rage freely.

Those who receive their sentences today are not punished for the fire that burns within them. They are punished for having let their fire cross those boundaries. Truth, Honor, Justice and Discipline prevent our people from being consumed by the fires within us, without them everything will burn to ashes.

Those who have supported Atreus were failing to support our virtues and they were betraying me. Some did so out of sentimental feelings for the man who reminded them of my father, some out of the hope of power and influence. But they all forgot about their duties, their discipline, their honor.

Atreus has passed away. The ancestors may judge him and decide his guilt.
Celiakos Euracus Cethus, you were given trust by me and I had the hope you could help to close the fissure that went through the patriots, but you failed.

You have become unworthy to hold the position of celiakos. You are hereby stripped from your title of celiakos. You may regain it at my pleasure if you fulfill a quest I will give you to restore your honor.

Decalion Krilus, in the end you have shown honor and sense of responsibility. You are given amnesty and forgiven.

Epus Xalaus, you served our family well over all those years and this is not forgotten. However, your deeds and the secrets you kept cannot remain unpunished. You are therefore banned from the sharük and must leave the Burning Desert within one year of Jena and shall never return upon pain of death.

Finally, to all patriots who believed in Atreus and who followed him: I show mercy for the last time. The fire that threatened to consume the Empire has now been extinguished. I will act strongly to extinguish any future fire of injustice, infamy, lie or betrayal.

Never forget that the Empire rests on the four Pillars of equal strength and height, otherwise the Empire would be out of balance and would fall. Honor (akash), personal and close to our hearts, must be matched with Discipline (orak) to be sure that we seek the Truth (talen), and all three must be equal to Justice (rechten).

orak i akash, talen i rechten! oren fyraï.

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