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For some time, it seems that the great white Kipucka has not felt wellin its cage.. It's caretaker alerts the SKA members, in particular ser Erminantius. After having explained to the Karae how ill the Kitin is, the neeed of a more appropriate place for its captivity is acknowledged. A place is needed that better fits its normal life situation: low  light and more humidity. The Karae gave her permission to use the inner galleries of the Matis Arena.

After some weeks of thought, the plans for the new location were validated. 

Now it was time to transfer the beast. Trillo Antovaldo was anxious, seeing all those royal guards and SKA members preparing the transfer.  The Tryker nets were ready to immobilize the kitin. After some root spells, the nets were  thrown over the white kitin and it wasn't  long before it tangled its legs in the nets. Some more ropes finally immobilized it. With an ingenious mechanism using hoists and counterweights, the homins were able to place the kitin on the wagon, which had been strengthened beforehand.

Anxiety was high, because the most dangerous part  was to come; along the way, avoid predators. Would the Tryker nets last long enough to get to the Matis Arena ? Indeed, if the Kitin were able to escape, the orders are to kill it. Then the homins must restart the undertaking from the beginning.

Some hours later, Matis Arena appears, and all goes well. The door of the enclosure is open and the homins leave  the wagon and even the bodoc there, waiting for the Kitin to liberate itself. Thus the kitin can expend its stress on something. The bodoc will be its first meal in its new home.  Trillo Antovaldo settles into his new vigil over the captive.

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