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[Event] Ariadne's thread (april, 24th)

Sequence : "Botanic Arts"
Chapter : "Searching for the lost knowledge of Bravichi"
Event 6 : "Ariadne's thread"

Creator of the event: Event Team. 
Type of event: Meeting.
Appropriate Levels: All.

Date of the event: Friday, 24 April 2015 19:00:00 UTC (5 years ago).
Expected duration: 2 hours.
Meeting Place: Yrkanis greenhouse

Homins concerned: Matis subjects and nobles only. The corresponding title must be shown.
Synopsis: Matis meet at Yrkanis Greenhouse, around Cuiccio Perinia, so that they're able to focus on the quest about Bravichi's box. Which tracks will they choose to follow and how ?

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